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Tour Guides & Secret Agents

Not sure how some penguins have spiffy hats and can hold up a “Tour Here” sign?
Got no clue what the “EPF” is?

Ha, we sound like a commercial. *snicker snicker*

First we’ll discuss tour guides because it’s really easy to become one.

Tour Guides

You will recognize a tour guide by their hats, signs, and annoyingly accurate quotes about each room. They take a group of penguins for a walk around the island and give a little talk about each room, saying its history, purpose, and other facts about it. These tour guide texts can be found in the chat options, and only can be spoken if you’re wearing one of those oh so fabulous little hats.

If your account is 45 days old or older, you can go to the Ski Village and click this little booth:

A sign will pop up, and at the bottom click, “Would you like to become a tour guide yourself? Click here for more details!” button. Then a verification sign will pop up and click “Take the Quiz.”

There are 15 questions that could be ask, but each quiz only contains 7. So here are the answers to all of them (credit to Ashley DI for answers, I sort of didn’t do very well).

Which of these rooms does NOT have a game in it?

What item is thrown out of the truck in Level Four of Bean Counters?
A flower pot

How do you get a pin?
Walk on top of it

What is the name of the big fish in Ice Fishing?

Which room has a cuckoo clock?
Ski Lodge

How many Sled Racing tracks are there?

What item is always hidden in a different place in the Clothing Catalog every month?
The Viking Helmet

What is the name of Captain Rockhoppers ship?
The Migrator

In what room can you fin old copies of the Penguin Times?
Boiler Room

Which colour of puffle can catch on fire?

Which of these rooms doesn’t have music in the background?
Pet Shop

What day does the newspaper come out?

How many coins does it cost to buy a player card background?

Which of these games has a shark in it?
Jet Pack Adventure

How does the pink puffle play?
Skips with a skipping rope

If you flunk the quiz, this sign appears:

It's not like I got this picture because I *actually* failed the quiz. Psh. What gave you that stupid idea??

If you pass, this sign appears:

And you will be awarded with this hat!

When you wave (press W on your keyboard) you will hold up this little poster:

And if you go back to that booth in the Ski Village, a manual will appear telling you how to be a great tour guide!! And tour tips are printed in the Penguin Times every Thursday.

Elite Penguin Force

The letters “EPF” stand for the Elite Penguin Force. Up until 2010, there was a PSA – Penguin Secret Agency, a top secret clan of trained penguins battling to keep the Island safe. Their HQ was located behind a change room in the Sports Shop.  A threat, Herbert P. Bear the vegetarian polar bear, appeared, and after countless efforts, eventually thwarted the PSA by blowing it up with a popcorn bomb. The PSA, desperate and hopeless, turned to their ultra-mega-supersecret allies, the EPF. (Certain PSA agents with the real-life Nintendo DS game could become EPF agents.) In summer 2010, the PSA became the EPF, the Sports Shop became an Everyday Phoning Facility (with the catalog moved to the stadium/ice rink) and any penguin wishing to be an EPF agent must take a challenge course in order to be initiated into this secret force.

Here is how to beat that test.

Go to the Everyday Phoning Facility located in the Ski Village. A payphone will ring. Click upon it, and then hit the target – whoa, look, a target on the wall that wasn’t there three seconds ago – with a snowball. The payphone should turn into a screen. Follow its instructions, and these hints:

1. The Speed Test – walk to the green square, then to the red square when the screen says “go.” It should take about 6 seconds if you don’t dawdle.

2. The Stealth Test – the screen will politely ask you to hide as both cameras turn off. Hide behind a pillar, but first, throw a snowball at Camera 2. If you don’t snowball it but hide behind the pillar, Camera 2 will see you from that angle. Vice versa, and Camera 1 will see you from that angle. Wait until it’s done searching to walk out from your hiding place.

Click to Enlarge

3. The Mind Test – A fuse should charge up and then the screen will ask you to step onto the blue square. You will be locked into a cage and asked to escape as fast as you can. There are a few ways to beat this. (1) Ignore the screen and stay away from that blue square (2) When it’s done charging, throw a snowball at the fuse right away (3) Step onto the square, and to escape from the cage trap throw a snowball at the fuse. We suggest you use the first or second way to beat it or else you will still pass (if you don’t fail the other tests), but not get a perfect score.

Follow these hints and you should pass with a perfect score!! You will get a spiffy new phone and be able to do certain field-ops every Wednesday. G sends you off to deactivate some trap or something, and you need to sort of play a mini-game to win, and you can earn medals that members can spend on Elite Gear – cool glasses and spy suits and stuff. Nonmembers can spend their medals on an Elite Earpiece….um, yay?

To be honest, I liked the old PSA better. Their missions were challenging, fun, and many months apart instead of so-easy-it’s-boring and every single week. But, regardless of my opinion, we hope you passed the test and made it!

Hopefully this page helped you become an EPF agent & a Tour Guide! Have fun!


5 Responses to “Tour Guides & Secret Agents”

  1. Madi said

    i hate EPF.

  2. Funkytwins said

    The field ops every freaking week!!! We cant do it like that it ruins the affect!! It’s like having Christmas more than once a year!

  3. kayla29336 said

    guys remember for the psa u had 2 b like 50 days or older ok my 50ith day of cp i logged on & theres the stupid epf thing how bogus (or is it bogis) which one it is idk but anyway im so irritated by that

  4. clubpenguinkatie said

    They got rid of the test
    Freaking camera 2 always saw me

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