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Ultimate Puffle Guide

Everyone loves puffles. Unfortunately some penguins are completely clueless as to how to take care of their adorable cuddly pets. That’s why we’ve made this guide for you. :mrgreen:

Puffles are round little balls of fluff with eyes and a mouth. They are extremely cute and it is common for a penguin to have one or more as pets. There are ten different colors of puffles, and each color has its own personality.
Red, Blue, Pink, Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, White, Orange, and Brown.

Let’s begin by discussing each color puffle and its traits.

Blue Puffle
The blue puffles are pretty mellow; you know, mild-tempered and easy to take care of. They love working as a team. Their favorite toy is a bouncy ball or a snowball and they are very loyal. Blue puffle’s can be seen in the wild making teams. They enjoy being in the Snow Forts and are very easygoing. They also LOVE cookies and milk, and each week they eat their weight in cookies! Originally hiding out in the wilderness, they were the among the first colors of puffles discovered back in November 2005. When walking with you, they dance by hopping up and down. ~~Available to nonmembers and members~~


Red Puffle
Red puffles really are little bundles of energy. Brave and adventurous, they love to go bowling (and use themselves as the ball) and shoot themselves out of cannons. They originate from Rockhopper Island, where they can be seen looking for treasure, and the sea-faring pirate brought them to Club Penguin in November 2006. Red puffles are one of the certain puffles that will play a game; they will go surfing with you in Catchin’ Waves. Their favorite snacks are stinky cheese! Puffle experts still wonder about these little guys. When walking with you, they dance by hopping up and down. ~~Available to nonmembers and members~~


Pink Puffle
The pink puffles would probably be cheerleaders if they just had the costume. They are very active and sporty, and they love to exercise. They are very cheerful, too. Their favorite toys are trampolines, snorkels, and jump ropes, and they were also found in November 2005. Pink puffles’ fur can hold up to 30x their weight in water, and they can be seen in the wilderness using bubblegum to float! Pink puffles also like to munch on fruits, veggies, and Puffle-O’s. They are another color that plays games; they tag along in Aqua Grabber. When walking with you, they dance by sort of head-bopping side to side. ~Available to members only~


Black Puffle
The black puffles are the intense, moody punks of the puffle world. They are quiet loners who love to skateboard. Black puffles can be described as “strong and silent.” They get very excited at certain times, like eating Puffle-O’s, a common berry; in fact, they are seen both in the wild and in my igloo bursting into flames after eating the berries. Their favorite snacks are chips and they always burp after eating cookies. The black puffles were also found in 2005. When walking with you, they dance by turning into a spinning black furry tornado.  These little guys play Cart Surfer with you, and experts know that there’s more to black puffles than meets the eye. ~Available to members only~


Green Puffle
Green puffles are the hyper, playful ones. They were also found in 2005 and they love to fly in their red propellor hats and ride unicycles. There is a green puffle at the Night Club, and no one really knows why because they aren’t the dance-y puffles. Oh well, he’s still really cute. They enjoy April Fool’s Day parties, and laugh about 14.7 times a day. They love jelly beans, and we see them in the wilderness vacuuming up cookies with their mouths! 😆 When walking with you, they dance by hovering with their propellor hats. Green puffles will use their propellor hats to fly with you during Jet Pack Adventure. ~Available to members only~


Yellow Puffle
The yellow puffles are artistic and creative. They’re big fans of the arts, so they love painting, drama, and music. Yellow puffles’ favorite toys are paintbrushes and easels. They were discovered back in 2005. They will play DJ3K with you to help you earn extra points. (There is also a random yellow puffle at the Stage. To see him, play around with the Switchbox.) These puffles love cheese and crackers, making art out of food and furniture, and always put on a beret before painting. When walking with you, they dance by singing – music notes come out of their mouth. They are observed out in the wild making music that gets everyone dancing!! ~Available to members only~


Purple Puffle
Puffles that are purple are fabulously stylish. They love music and dancing, so their favorite toy is a disco ball, yet they love bubbles. So, their other favorite toy is a bubble wand. Along with the above puffles listed (except for red) they were found in November 2005. They will play Dance Contest with you, so I think it should be a purple puffle at the Night Club instead of a green one, but, whatever. Purple puffles are seen in the wild choosing the right outfit for special occasions. They love chocolate and are known to sleep with a sleep-mask. When walking with you, they dance by doing a mish-mash of everything – tornado, flips, head-bop thingies, etc. ~Available to members only~

White Puffle
The white puffles are small, gentle, and extremely shy.  They love to ice skate and play with snowflakes. The white puffles were in fact NOT found in 2005, but they were discovered in February 2009. There had been strange sightings of a snowy puffle up near the high places – like the Dojo and the Ski Mountain/Ski Village – around the time we were setting up for the first ever Puffle Party. Experts suggest the party showed the kindness of penguins towards puffles and coaxed these shy little critters out of the wild and, ultimately, into the Pet Shop. Their favorite place is the Dojo. White puffles are smaller than the others, but harbor a secret, powerful strength. In the wild, they can be seen turning liquids into ice, usually with their icy breaths. When walking with you, they dance by hopping up and down with a snow cloud over their head. ~Available to members only~


Orange Puffle
The orange puffles are zany, curious and they sleep like a rock. (They tend to drool. A lot.) When they are awake, however, they love to play with their wagons, trucks, and cardboard boxes. They were also not found randomly, but in the puffle party in February 2010. We think that they were attracted to the party pretty much the same way white puffles were. When walking with you, they dance by hula hooping. Orange puffles love the pizza parlor, and have very strong, yet cute, front teeth. In the wild, they are seen making quick decisions without thinking, which usually leads to some trouble. 😆 ~Available to members only~


Brown Puffle
The Brown puffles are very intelligent and inventive. They like to play with their science test tubes and rockets. However, they have a chronic fear of balloons, but I don’t know why. They were found in the Wilderness Expedition in early 2011, when members made it through the maze, built a boat, and sailed to a long-lost cave. Brown puffles love astronaut food, like dehydrated ice cream sandwiches. They blink more than other puffles, and their dreams are on graph paper backgrounds. In the wild, they amuse themselves by building machines. When they’re walking with you, they dance by putting on their safety glasses. ~Available to members only~

So now you are a bit more enlightened in the field of puffle colors. *applause* Okay, you might have noticed the little tildes at the end of each puffle-color paragraph. ( ~ ) Inside the tilde spoke briefly about whether a nonmember could buy that color. And here it is in a nutshell: Nonmembers can own up to 2 puffles, red or blue; members can own up to 18 puffles, any color.

And you also might have noticed certain puffles can play a game. Red puffles play Catchin’ Waves; Green Puffles play Jet Pack AdventurePink Puffles play Aqua Grabber; Yellow Puffles play DJ3K; Black Puffles play Cart SurferPurple Puffles play Dance Contest. To have your puffle play a game with you, take them on a walk and then play the game. (You have to be walking your puffle for it to work!) The puffles do little tricks and things and help you to earn points and stuff like that.

Now let’s go over the puffle player card.

All of your puffles have their own player card. Here, Pickles is volunteering to use his.

As you can see, the card has several tabs.

The one on the left is titled “Pet Papers.” If you click it, you can see the page about your color puffle from the book in the pet shop, you can view (or print!) a certificate stating that the puffle belongs to you, or you can kick your puffle out into the wild. BE EXTRA TO SURE TO CLICK “NO” WHEN YOU VIEW THIS OPTION, BECAUSE ITS IRREVERSIBLE.
There are three more tabs on the right side. The food bowl one is, well, the option to feed your pet. You can buy spiffy food, like pizza, at the Pet Shop. (Some are even available to non-members!) Click and drag the food item you want your pet to eat on top of the puffle, and he/she will eat it. Another tab is the beach ball. This one will help you play with your puffle. What you have to do is drag the correct toy down from the bar at the top onto your puffle, and it will either reject the toy or play with it. Each species has its own specific toys. The next tab is the comb. This one is the health/grooming option. Here you can bathe, brush, or walk your puffle, or have them take a nap.

It’s important to keep your puffles healthy, happy, and rested. Or else, your puffle will be grumpy and tired and hungry and will eventually run away back to the wild!!! To keep your pet Energized, feed it. To keep your puffle Healthy, bathe, walk, and play with it regularly and don’t eat too much junk food. The keep your puffle Rested, let it sleep often.

Here is Skwirt’s Tasha walking with her.

When you log off, your puffles will be frozen so you don’t have to worry about them running away while you’re offline. So if you log off and log back in the next day, they will still be as healthy as they were before you left. But, while you’re online and waddling around, they will get hungry and tired and need you to take them care of them. It’s best to feed them and stuff first thing when you log on and last thing before you log off. Don’t freak out that they will secretly run away – they send you a postcard saying “Feed Me! I’m Hungry.” to let you know they need you. If you still don’t take care of them, they’ll run away and you’ll get a postcard telling you they ran away. You can always go back to the Pet Shop adopt another one.


Now let’s go over the new Puffle Parties!

Puffle Parties are fairly new. The first one happened in 2009 after seeing strange white puffles. The party persuaded the shy white puffles that we penguins absolutely love our fluffy friends, and they came into penguin civilization. Then, in 2010, the second annual party brought out the adorable new orange puffles. And in 2011, the intelligent brown puffles were discovered in a cave across a lake. We think that the party will happen every year and bring out more puffle colors…but maybe not? So far, each Puffle Party has happened in February.

That’s it for now, guys! Hopefully this guide has helped you understand more about puffles and you know more about how to take care of them! Waddle on!


48 Responses to “Ultimate Puffle Guide”

  1. Omigosh my puffle page thingy ish suckish compared to this xD

    ~Ashley Di

  2. hannahlove said

    My puffle ran away into to\he forest is there any way i can ge tthem backk???

  3. CookieBeawr said

    hey, i saw this one dude with a puffle. And the puffle had goggles! How do u put them on urs?

  4. hey! the brown puffle is availabele!!!!!!!! it dances with lab gogles

  5. greenycute said

    Brown puffle at brown puffle cave! U get to build a boat and its easy.Also u get to wander in loads of mini forests and do this machine thing!!!My fav puffles the green puffle tho! lol.

  6. Samimimima said

    The green puffle is Keeper of the Boiler Room. You can read about him in the book room in the book Truth or Dare.

  7. Samimimima said


  8. archeryguy said

    If you wash your puffle then feed it before its finished washing you get perfect puffle stats!

  9. kayla29336 said

    !!!!!!!!!1 LOL

  10. kayla29336 said

    o lol i get confused when everyone comes bak then leaves again so……………….

  11. Bubba0044 said


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  13. kayla29336 said

    go to the pet shop and in the toy catalog there is food to buy for puffles buy it and DONE IN A MOMENTO

  14. Samimimima said

    You know, I LOVE this ultimate puffle guide. It’s what brought me to this site!!!!

  15. Leanne said

    How do you get the stinky cheese for the red puffle? It’s not in the shop!

  16. Samimimima said

    thats for Poptropica lol sorry

  17. cooliocat said



  18. sonic99190 said

    i knew all that

  19. :mrgreen: Puffles are so cute xD

  20. Natasha Cheeseface said

    Okay I need some help!! When I click my puffle the screen just dims on cp and I can’t take care of it!!! I’ve tried skipping going to my igloo, changing my igloo, new servers, new computers, restarting, logging in and out, EVERYTHING!! Please help me before he runs away D:

  21. Neomi said

    hey guys there is a bit new information you haven t added about that white puffle yet plz add this that WHITE puffles were first seen at the puffle party when it saw the other puffies danceing

  22. p.s.
    friend me on club penguin
    real name on club penguin

  23. thanks:)

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  25. Adam said

    Where is the cheats especially puffle cheats

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    When you invent a new puffle, can you change the maximum?

  27. Amy Is A Rockstar said

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just to tell ya this site is real helpful for newbies to handle thier furry ones!

  28. Marry said

    I wonder if u can get the white puffy with no member ship

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