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Dude…2 xx’s are cool.

On this page we discuss our exxtreme experiences!!!
Have you ever…

Fell off a cliff?
Sky-dived with a blindfold and no parachute?
Skinny-dipped and got eaten by a shark?
Skied down Mount Everest wearing only your bloomers and one sock?
Almost drowned?
Got caught in a fire?

Well, just talk about whatever happened! But make sure its true. We want this to be funny, awesome, and HONEST. Don’t make something up.

Here’s the form to follow:
Honesty status: 10/10
Sitchuation: near-death experience by drowning
Activity: ocean kayaking
Description: i was kayaking with mah camp peeps and it took FOREVER to make it past the breaking waves. when we were finally out there, i was sopping wet and, since theres practically no meat on my bones, i have no way to hold in body-heat. so i was FREEZING! i just sat there in the boat and i didnt paddle cuz i was cold. i let myself drift too far to shore. suddenly a monster of a wave comes at me and picks up my boat!!! i thought i would tip over but i didnt. instead, i road the foamy part and then the breaker crashed and i slipped out sideways with one foot still in the kayak. i tried to get back in but ANOTHER big huge wave slammed into me and kicked me clear out of the boat. i was floating all over the place and i just grabbed the kayak and went to the shore. basically, i only got sideswiped and clocked by a bunch of waves, but i have never almost drowned before so i was scared!!
Slippey50833 Says: Here’s mine, but it happened to my brother not me:

Honesty status: 10/10

Situation: Almost eaten by a BULL SHARK!

Activity: Surfing

Description (This is more like a story): My brother signed up for surfing lessons the day before, this was his first surfing lesson. My brother and the other surfers ran into the ocean, really far out. Less than a minute later the surfing lessons instructor spotted a fin near my brothers board! Everyone was freaking out, then a couple seconds later the instructor said it was the fin of a bull shark! That didn’t calm down the crowd at all, they began retreating the surfers, they all came upon the beach unharmed! The funniest part is my brother didn’t even see the fin, lol.

Madi says- heres my story!

Fell off a cliff? no
Sky-dived with a blindfold and no parachute? no
Skinny-dipped and got eaten by a shark? no
Skied down Mount Everest wearing only ur bloomers and one sock? not at liberty to say..
Almost drowned? yup
Got caught in a fire? almost

Honesty status 10/10


Actvity- SKYDIVING.. whadya think i mean DROWNING? WATER? SWIMMING!?!?

Description- ok so i was in like 2nd grade and i didnt realllyyy no how to swim. so my friend had a birthday party and she had a pool  in her backyard so everyone was swimming in the deep end and jumping off her diving board and stuff but i had to stay in the shallow end. soon EVERYONE was going down her water slide and i felt left out, so skwirt and her sis walked by me and wuz like “oh dont worry, if u start to sink, we will just save u!” so i went down a couple times but the third time i went down and someone like landed on top of me, so i started sinking and couldnt get back up. i tried to grab onto skwirt and then onto her sis but they ran out of breath and had to go back up! i was running out of breath really fast and my mom saw and jumped in to get me. i took a deep breathe and never went down their slide again. (-:


137 Responses to “EXXTREME PAGE”

  1. funkytwins said

    sorry slippey! but check back tommorw!!! ❤ bye!

  2. Flabbergasted said

    ntn 😦

  3. cowtail5 said

    honesty: 10/10
    situation: pushed of a 20 foot cliff AHHHh
    activity: cliff jumping( not pushing people of cliffs)
    description: we swam out to a island that has a bunch of cliffs! so, we swam out, and then when we got there, we were like, dieing, cuz the water was COLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    and, we jumped of a few 5 foot cliffs, and my sister pushed me of a 15 foot cliff! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  4. cowtail5 said


  5. 😀

  6. fell off a cliff? no
    sky-dived with a blindfold and no parachute? no
    skinny-dipped and got eaten by a shark? no
    skied down Mount Everest wearing only ur bloomers and one sock?
    almost drowned? no
    got caught in a fire? no

    honesty status: 10/10
    sitchuation: almost got hit by a car
    activity: biking
    description: i was biking, and i was about to cross the road. i looked both ways and saw no cars. Then as i was about to cross some car comes RACING DOWN THE ROAD and hits my bike. thank God i got off my bike on time

  7. JuJu said

    yeesh!!!! wow!!! intense!!!! im picturing a slo-mo dramatic leap off the bike and landing on the other side and the bike goes flyin….lol

  8. Flabbergasted said

    once i saw a white tip shark but ntn happend

  9. JuJu said

    oh….thats good cuz u didnt die but its sorta poopish that u didnt see any action….but dude, dont go doing stupid dangerous stuff just to impress us here!!! i just made this page cuz i was bored and i wanted to tell people about mah experience. seriously man. dont go to any lengths just to get a story. i dont want u to get hurt. 😉

  10. cowtail5 said

    OHHHHH this is extrem craziness like, HUGE basketball highlight! I STUFF A 5 foot 9 inch dude IN A GAME! HOLY FLIP! i am 4 foot 8! I WAS JUST LIKE WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and stuffed him and EVERYONES LIKE AHHhh i got a award for it. 😀 my mom bought me a cumbys large slushy after. that dude was ticked. i was scared though, he was gonna kill me!

  11. JuJu said

    whoa…..awesomesauce…..im picturing another slow motion jump and then BOOSHKANANA and hes like NOO-O-O-O and ur like YA-AA-H–HH!!!!

  12. cowtail5 said


  13. Madi said

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm what about that time at the fireworks with the capgun?LOL AND U KEPT EATING THE COOKIES!!!

  14. JuJu said

    honesty status: 10/10
    sitchuation: nearly got internally acidized ><
    activity: almost swallowed part of a capgun that had real gunpowder on it
    NOTE this is a really stupid way to describe it all. i wasnt gonna die but im a worrywart and anyway, its funny 🙂
    description: ok i was at the fireworks for the fourth with madi. her brother had bought a toy capgun and a peice had fallen out of it. i thought that peice was a peanut-butter cracker. long story. anyway, i put it in my mouth and started chewing. then i spat it out and i was like EWWW and then madi's brother's friend said "ya know that had gunpowder on it?" and im like "poo" and he said "the main ingredient of gunpowder is SULFURIC ACID and u have two days to live" and i was like "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" so i started FREAKING OUT and i was eating a bunch of cookies cuz theres milk in them (milk calms down all acids) and madi says "juju stop eatin the cookies ur not gonna die" and george lopez says "U HAVE ONE MINUTE LEFT TO LIVE" so i was chugging down cookies and i wrote out my will it went something like this:
    "GMARF i give everything i have to madi CHEW CHEW COOKIE EATING and i want red roses at my funeral GROMBLE FARFMENT bury me next to my dead fish" and then when i got home i drank A LOT of milk lol

    its really stupid but its funny

  15. Annika1111 said

    fell off a cliff? no
    sky-dived with a blindfold and no parachute? no
    skinny-dipped and got eaten by a shark? no
    skied down Mount Everest wearing only ur bloomers and one sock? maybe… lol
    almost drowned? yes
    got caught in a fire? no

    honesty status: 10/10
    sitchuation: got hit by a car 😀
    activity: walking out of burger king

    i had just come out of burger king whith my best bud, and my mom. we were walking 2 my car and this sports car came out of nowhere and like, hit me! i was like “omg, she just hit me!” it was very weird cuz then the ambulance showed up out of no where and was like, “are you ok?! can you breathe!? do you want to go to the hospital!?!?” i was like “im fine and if im talking to u i can breath! and no i dont wanna go to the hospital!”

    • saka98 said

      Oh,No! Were you okay?Did you die slowly? Did you use Sign Language to say Im fine and if im talking to u i can breath! and no i dont wanna go to the hospital? Did you come out of BOOGER king? Was the ambulance a robot?
      Did you fart?
      Juju you rock also if some guy who commented on http:clubpengyclub.wordpress.com they said to delete a page that I gave credit to you and I just deleted it.(sad)

  16. JuJu said

    dude if that was me i would be like

    wait i can breathe ok if im talking like this. YAY!

    and ur just all pissed at some stupid car. weird.


  17. Annika1111 said

    what really made me mad was that my fries were cold when i ate them… 😦

  18. funkytwins said

    yola its madi and i is on vacation buts i have a reaaallllyyyy slow internet connection so i might comment every once and a while

  19. cowtail5 said

    i rode on my cuzins handle bars today…
    killed: no
    hurt: no
    sweet wipe out: YEs
    so we were riding home for getting ice cream on our bikes but our 2 cuzins were over so i had to walk and on the way back i rode on my cuzins handle bars and….
    we kept going over pot holes and stuff. and then….2 other bikers where coming out way my cuzin hit the brake wicked fast and i got LAUNCHED over onto the other dudes handle bars. it was sick but they said the f bomb to me but i was like, dieing with laughter and so was my cuzin lol

  20. JuJu said

    ok….im picturing yet another slow motion scene and ur flailing around going AHHHH-HH-H-HH-AAAH—!!!!!! and then u bellyflop right on him and u both fall off and hes like “FUU–U—D-GE– YOOOOOUUUUUU”


  21. Flabbergasted said

    its so awesome how ur all friewnds and amkeing this blog,,,,, i wish i could be u friends in real life kuz itd be fun (i have 3 idiot friends tht make fun of me lol)

    and the 2nd grade story with drowning is scary but SWEET!

  22. Ashley DI said

    Fell off a cliff: almost (i will talk about that in the next comment)
    Sky dived with a blindfold and no parachute: no
    Skinny dipped and got eaten by a shark: no
    Skied down Mount Everest wearing only ur bloomers and one sock: no
    Almost drowned: Yes
    Got caught in a fire: no

    Honest: 10/10
    Situation: Alont drowned to death
    Activity: Swimming at a waterpark

    Me and my friends went the this waterpark called Soak Zone. We were swimming in 9.5 feet water and i’m only 4 foot 10. While I was swimming underwater, this really fat kid (that i did not know) jumped into the water on top of me. So I started going deeper and deeper into the water. Almost as soon as the really fat kid got off of me, I got this really ba cramp behind my knee, so I couldn’t swim up. And the lifeguard that was there should have been fired cause he wasn’t even paying attention enough to know I was drowning! Just as I was about to run out of air, my BFF that only weighs 70 pounds like me started dragging me up and I didn’t die! THE END

    • JuJu said

      OMG A SAVER!!! yay for ur friend!!!

      • Ashley DI said


    • Annika1111 said

      lol fat kid

    • Madi said

      i hate people. did ya know i can list everything i like???
      1. family/friends
      2. animals
      3. POP TARTS!!! (i have OPTD)
      4. vikings (cuz ya know i am one)
      5. junk food (im very picky and hate all things healthy.)
      6. plastic spoons (dont ask)
      7.club penguin/ pandanda
      8. pretending to be a sweet baby on club penguin. then. asking for a brother/ sister and then whenever the parent leaves be really mean to the brother/ sister

  23. JuJu said

    Madi i just read ur story!!! SuperThumb to the rescue!!!!

  24. JuJu said

    honesty: 10/10
    sitchuation: dying (heh heh)
    activity: choking on a nickel
    description: ok so this happened a long time ago!!! i saw a nickel and im like COOL A NICKEL so i put in my mouth and started chewin on it. i sat down on the couch and i was all happy blah blah blah but then i guess the nickel didnt like me cuz i starting chokin on it. i couldnt breathe so i flipped upside down and did like a handstand and then the nickel fell out of my mouth and im like “stupid nickel” 🙂

  25. JuJu said

    the newest form of the heimlech maneuver: handstand

    • Ashley DI said

      I choked on a penny before but, i had to get it removed by the doctor… OUCH! Now i wish i would have done a handstand

      • JuJu said

        well, u learn something new everyday. did u just randomly start chewin a penny or did u think it was a peanut-butter cracker?

      • Ashley DI said

        I randomy started chewing on the penny (i like to chew on things lol)

      • saka98 said

        I once ate pie and pie doesnt liek sick ppl kuz then I saw my brothers dirty seanut brittle on the disgusting floor and im likE COOL A PEANUT BUTTER CRACKER and a did a fart. also my brother almost drowned when he was three in the shallow end… Its like four foot five and he bent his floatie and it didn’t like him and he flipped over and started splashing and I’m with my noodle in the DEEEEEEEEEEEEEP end which is like ten feet and im like what the and we had to go inside.

  26. JuJu said

    me too!!!! LOL

    well it depends on wat im chewing. i chew pens, pencils, nickels, peices of toy capguns, pen caps, rubber bracelets….and food 😆

  27. fell off a cliff?no
    sky-dived with a blindfold and no parachute?no
    skinny-dipped and got eaten by a shark?no
    skied down Mount Everest wearing only ur bloomers and one sock?no
    almost drowned?yes
    got caught in a fire?no

    honesty status: 10/10
    sitchuation:Almost drowned
    description:Ok I was at Qx4s pool and i jumped in holding twenty pounds and the pool is 8ft deap and once i got to the bottom i couldnt swim up because the weights were holding me down and i couldnt let go cause they would ruin the pool so i tried to go up the slope but it was to steep… so i put the weights down and they started to role at me so i grabed them and pushed them up, then Qx4’s cousin grabed the weights and i swam up!It was freaky… I ws under water for about 3 minutes without breathing… 😮

  28. JuJu said

    OMG dude i can balrely manage one minute under water!!! i know how to make bubble rings!!! YAY

  29. lol

  30. Annika1111 said

    omg i got stuck in an elevator yesterday lol it was weird

  31. SKWIRT said

    LOL tell us about itt!!!

    • Annika1111 said

      me and my friend wanted to go to get somthin 2 eat so we went 2 the elevator and pressed the thingy that said “lobby” as we were going down the elevator stoped so i said “r we stuck” and she was like “idk…omg yes we r!” i was like no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      so then we called the ppl who ran the building and they called the police and they got us out but we were stuck 4 like 20 min! 😯

  32. funkytwins said

    JuJu here with another one

    honesty: 10/10
    sitchation: sweet wipe out!!
    activity: at coco key, slipping and falling lol
    description: ok so me and madi were at coco key (which is a water park place) and we decided to go down seperate slides. we had taken inner tubes and i went down the lit up one and she went down the dark one. ok so i was leaning forward cuz i was excited (bad idea, juju) and then there was a big dip and then a sharp turn and i was flipped out of the tube!!!!!! I WAS LIKE FLYIN AHHHH and for a while i was sliding down on my stomach, water was going up my nose and in my eyes and i was like OMG IM GONNA LIKE DIE!!!! so i flipped onto my back and grabbed the tube and then i saw the light!!! not that way, i meant the end of the slide 😆 so i knew i had to act fast before i came out of the slide. i managed to get on, and when i shot out of the slide at the speed of light i was sprawled on my belly the tube, which was upside down, and madi came out all perfectly and i looked like a complete wreck lol

  33. funkytwins said

    good thing i didnt take the dark slide *shudders* ha ha

  34. Skwirt said

    oooo i have one for coco key also~

    honesty 10/10
    situation: black out slips
    activity coco key water slides

    ok me and Ky Ky were doubling up on tube and went on the black out slid everthing is picth black and you literaslly cant see a thing. Before all of this me and ky ky were switching places when we were the of the ride . so lets say if i was in the front i would switch to the back and boom kyra would be in the front. yes it was sooo much fun. we decieded to take it the next level and switch places IN THE DARK SLIDE. as we switched the whole tube flipped over and went over ky kys face. i smacked my head and we couldnt not stop laughing. it was crazy. you had to be n in the slide with us.

  35. Why does every cool but scary thing happen in the dark water slides??? 😆

  36. JuJu said

    idk LOL

    umm how did u get to see our blog..??

  37. Madi said

    LOL hes a pandanda guy.

  38. Madi said

    honesty: 10/10
    sitchation: almost got stuck in the hot tub
    activity: in the hot tub (at coco key lol)
    ok so it was like really late and i was with my cousins and i was the only 1 in there and my mom was like “madi hurry up we r goin 2 dinner (we were stayin in the hotel cuz coco key is attached to a hotel but u can also go there for like a day) so i need u to dry off and get changed” and i was like “ok 5 more minutes” so i went underwater near this like wall so u couldnt see me, so the lifeguard walked by and thought no one was in ther and he looked it up fo rthe night. so i came back up and by then he was long gone cuz i can hold my breathe for a long time in a hot tub for some reason lol and i tried to get out but it was locked and i couldnt figure out how to unlock it and ur only supposed to stay in there for like 10 minutes at a so i was BURNING in there and i was pulling and my ankles were turning red and they hurt really bad and just as i was about lke burn up someone walked by and i was like “HEY!!!!!!!!!!!” and they unlocked it. LOL im the only person who probally ever got locked in a hot tub lol

  39. JuJu said


  40. JuJu said

    honesty- 10/10
    sitchuation-getting ambushed by old people driving cars
    activity-going to dunkin donuts with Madi
    description-mkay so me, my sister, and madi were walking to dunkin donuts. we needed to cross this busy street to get there so at the crosswalk we looked both ways and started walking. we took like two steps and then this old lady zooms in front of us!! so we start running and this dude is flyin like 80 mph right behind us!!! so we were like sprinting and another old lady is right in front of us drivin at the speed of light!!!! lol it was sooo weird!!!!

  41. funkytwins said

    JuJu here. i got another one lol

    honesty- 10/10
    situation- choking
    activity- eating a bagel. 0_o
    Ok so i was with madi at some little bagel shop. i ordered a hot chocolate (ah LOOOOOVE me some hot chocolate!) and a toasted sesame bagel with butter. i was just eating normally, and i randomly started choking!!! i was like having a conniption lol it was sorta funny i was waving my hands around and madi was like “JUST DRINK THE HOT CHOCOLATE!!!! AHH!!!” and my face was turning red and then i just swallowed the bagel (good thing we have saliva…gross i know but helpful!!!) and i was like breathing in gasps….Madi was like “im gonna go talk to those ppl over there” (we saw some ppl we knew) and then we she was gone i belched sooo loud it was gross but funny cuz everyone was staring at me haha

  42. jfmlove6 said

    none of those things happened to me but…

    honesty 10/10

    situation almost cracked head open

    activity jumping in the ihop parking lot 🙂

    ok so i was sick and out of school,so we went and had breackfest at ihop.wh ate and it was good,but when we were done and standing around in the parking lot,i jumped off the curb.it had rained earlyer so it was wet.i slipped and fell on my bottom and my dad thoght i would be okay until a second later my bottom had slipped and i fell backwards.i had hit my head.luckly all i had was a concution but it was still sore for weeks.ouch!

  43. once i was in a wagon my neibor waz pullin it up my drive way then a car was coming down the street and she LET GO!!! i didnt get hit luckily

  44. Madi said

    MY STORY! (Well actually its my friend Meaghans.)

    Honesty 10/10


    Story: So my friend Meaghan was walking back to her house in Cape Cod. It was raining, but she was almost home so it sseemed pointless to call her mom. Suddenly, the house right next to door to hers was struck by lighting while she was walking by!!! She screamed and ran into the house, but everyone else was outside trying to see if the people inside were ok!!

  45. slippey50833 said

    honesty: 10/10
    situation: almost suffered from a concussion
    activity: swimming in my uncle’s pool

    story: ok so I was swimming in my uncle’s pool eating some fried squirrel (jk) and I start jumping off the diving board and keep jumping and jumping and jumping. so eventually I kinda get bored so I put one of those already inflated tubes right in front of the diving board. I don’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure I jumped onto the tube, bounced off and went head first into the concrete that was at the top of the pool on the inside, and I hit my head on a kind of sharp corner. then I got all dizzy and got out, and I watched irobot for the rest of the night!

    • JuJu said

      wow! were you okay??? did you bleed?? did you even have to go the hospital?

      iRobot! Love that movie.

      • slippey50833 said

        ya I was just kind of dizzy and my head hurt, I didn’t bleed (but I did have a dent in my head for a year), and surprisingly I didn’t have to go to the hospital.

  46. JuJu said

    Dent head? xP Well at lease you didnt die

  47. honesty 10/10
    situation: almost drowned
    activity: Swimming at boomorang bay

    I was at boomorang bay( a waterpark) every 15 min they turn on the waves. You have to jump over them or go under water. I am only about 5 ft. tall and i was in the 5ft 3 section. the wave went above me and water went up my nose. I came up but i couldnt see because water was in my eyes. Another wave hit me. I came back up coughing because i could hardly breath. I finally could breath so i swam back to about 3-4 ft. The life guards should be watching more carefully. Sometimes I see them looking down for a few mins. This happened yesterday.

  48. honesty 10/10
    situation: almost got a ear infection
    activity: putting popcorn curnels in my ears.

    I was at my house with my neighbor.we ate popcorn and i stuck a curnel in my ear. I took it out. I put a different one in. I couldnt get it out. My ear started to hurt. My neighbor left. And my parents tried to get it out but couldnt. They took me to the emergency room. The docter got it out. i was little then it was stupid

  49. honesty 0/10
    situation: fell into a ditch and choked on dirt
    activity: rolling down a hill.
    i rolled down a hill, fell in a ditch, choked on dirt and died x_x
    THE END.

    • slippey50833 said

      that would stink, lol! One time me and my bro were at the beach and he threw a huge chunk of sand into my mouth!<——one of the worst days ever!

    • JuJu said

      I hate when you have like dust or powder in your throat it feels so gross and weird xP

  50. Madi said

    Honesty- 10/10

    Story- my friend Zoe’s friend almost drowned (stupid lifeguards xP)

    So my friend Zoe was at the pool with her friend when she was little, and he fell into the shallow end and hit his head on the bottom of the pool. He didnt have to go to the hospital or anything, but it really hurt and he was crying really loudly. The stupid lifeguards had the radio turned up to loud and didnt even hear him! XXSTUPID LIFEGAURDS!XX

  51. how about we start a protest against lifegaurds all they do is sit there i have something to say about lifegaurd haters

    honesty 10/10

    situation: me and my friend got mad

    activity: swimming

    me and my friend were at a pool near her house. we asked the life gaurd if we could jump off the diving board. she said wait until 12:30 cuz we will get another wordker over there (NOTE: there were five lifegaurds and 3 chairs. the other ones will be sitting there eating. and one brought her dog to play with).
    at 12:30 we asked a different life gaurd she said 1 or 1:30. at 1:37 some othere girls asked the life gaurd and they said yes!!! and the “other” worker never showed up!! then she comes over and asks us if we want to jump off the diving board. she just moves chairs. we say yes though, but still!!!

  52. JuJu said

    what’s up with that!!!!!! well, most lifeguards are just kids in need of jobs, so… xP

  53. well they still need to do their job but i have to admit that i might act that way on accident if i were a life gaurd

  54. slush7557 said

    well it didnt happen to me but my friend and i were swiming and he got tired. so he started drowning and there were boogie boards in the water so i swam over and grabed the nearest one and gave it to him and stoped him from drowning.ps i dont type in caps cause im to lazy xd jk.

  55. Funkytwins said

    I find it rather funny how most of the ones on here involve water

  56. saka98 said

    Honesty 1o/10
    Thing:Almost barfing
    Activity: Sitting in front of bathroom
    Decription: Ok so it was a Friday and I woke up early and im like Oh my gosh I feel like im gonna barf so I went to the bathroom and got a towel and put it on the floor and about 10 minutes later i barfed 3 TIMES! Ok so three hours later Im laying on the couch and I go to the bathroom and one person in my fam was in there so I sat down outside and i had a key in my pocket so i get it out and I feel like im gonna barf again so I open the door and the person was washing his/her hands and I stand by the toilet and I feel like I gonna barf again so I just got ready and soon i just did a huge belch! It was funny!

  57. saka98 said

    Honesty: 10/10
    Activity: ALMOST DIEING!
    Discription: Ok Im playing on the pc and a McAffee security thingamabobber pops up and my bro unplugs the computer and at the bottum it says: You will die in ten seconds and im like OH MY GOSH! And I figgered out that it said YouR COMPUTER will die in ten seconds. Saka98 does not have good vision!

  58. saka98 said

    Lol,awesome! Actually it did say that

  59. saka98 said

    situation: Eatin’ apple pie.

    So anyway meee cp guy was makin apple pie so I ate it

  60. saka98 said

    Once I was doing jump rope and what happened was that I jumped and fell. I went to the slide and went DOWNN.It was scary because clowns scared me.Sombody said YOU FARTED,PUNK! Then I went inside and ate all the food(and fudge) in the refridgerator.I also suddenly ate hot coco! I suddenly farted

  61. slush7557 said

    saka are u to random

  62. slush7557 said

    hmm im trying new colors

  63. Rheddy said

    Heres mine:
    Honesty: 0/10
    Activity: Streeking in space while being chased by a cyborg gorilla then saved by super granny.
    One day I was walking around a space ship when all of a sudden my clothes got stuck in a whole near the entrance of the ship. Then it shot of into the sky flinging me into space with no clothes on. Then an evil cyborg gorilla flew over on his flying corn dog and shot lasers at me. I was scared, helpless, freakin out, and naked XD. Then all of a sudden its a bird its a plane its super Granny!!! YAAAAAAAA then my Granny flew up, gave the gorilla a the old 1 2 and saved me!!! THE END! And it’s no true at all 🙂

  64. Rheddy said

    Ok here’s a real one.
    Honery 10/10
    Experience: Almost being run over by my arch enemy
    Activity crossing the parking lot of Kohl’s to get to McDonalds
    Ok Well im a complicated and have many enemies (all of which are girls lol) but this is the time my WORST enemy almost ran me over!!! Okay so I was a Kohl’s across the street from McDonalds and my dad wanted to go to McD’s so I’m like I’ll just run over there. So I took off runnin like Velma in Scooby do sorta like this:
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ follow the lines up and down and up and down lol. Well I got to a patch of grass and jumped on it and slid about and inch forward with my face almost in the rode when all of a sudden my enemies mom drove by!!! I thought it was over because I almost fell into the rode!!! She didn’t even stop! But sense she didn’t stop she passed me before I fell into the rode and sprung my ankle lol! So anyway story over. I have alot of near death stories but im to lazy to post them now. maybe lata.

  65. Sledderboy said

    Well i was abseiling once down a three story building. On the last few metres i panicked and i got stuck for 1 hour lol. Eventually my dad had to come get me 😛

  66. Bloomac10000 said

    I Got ONE!!!
    Honesty: -19/10 = EXTREME
    Story: Getting Lost In Space With Master Chief From Halo 3 While Battling A Robo-Granny and Super Munky, Eating A Chicken Wing And GETTING CRAZY ABOUT ANARCHY!!!
    So, one day i got back from KFC and then some guy kidnapped me while i was eating. Next thing i know was i was in space,and still eating!!!!!! I went passed PLUTO!?!?!?! Then Master Chief Came Out of NOWHERE. He Gave Me A Ray Gun and I Was Still Eating My Chicken Wing… so we SAW A BIG ROBO-GRANNY AND SUPER MUNKY!!! I Charged My Ray Gun While Master Chief Sleeps In space… Eventually i went home, fell asleep and EATING MY CHICKEN WING While Sleeping!!!
    P.s This Is NOT true… if it was i would be eating… Om Nom NOM!!! XD 🙂

  67. kayla29336 said

    tht must of been a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chicken wing

  68. Bloomac10000 said

    Heres Anotha One…
    Honesty: -1/10
    Description: Gettin Beat Up By A MUNKEY While Eating A BANANA!!! then got saved by Master Chief, Noble Team, The Rookie, Dutch, Buck, Romeo, Dare, Alex Mason, Frank Woods, AND CHUCK NORRIS???
    So i was eatin a banana… did i tell u that this was after the other one i wrote? Back to teh story.. i was eatin a banana. then i found out a MUNKEY was behind me!!!! All of a sudden… Master Chief, Noble Team, The Rookie, Dutch, Buck, Romeo, Dare, Alex Mason, Frank Woods, AND CHUCK NORRIS Came Out With Their Fists… I Pulled Out A MEGA-ULTRA-SUPER Blaster!!! Then We FOUGHT AND THE MUNKEY RAN AWAY… Then We All Went To Eat Some of Chuck Norris’s Chicken Pot Pie!!!

  69. kayla29336 said


  70. saka98 said

    This is my friend thomas’s story
    Honesty: 10
    Thing: playing football (i think…)
    So anyway My friend thomas was at football game,he had the ball but someone tackled him and I think his head cracked open… He had to go to the hospital,he had a small ponytail in teh back of his head for a week.
    I wouldn’t have liked that….But I got ntn. Once I was like,Omg flying ,and I was like, “Wheee!” and then my puffed up pants blew up and they were like,flying through the air and I look down and i notice im like,omg,674875482985729387328975329875 miles above the ground! I screamed and I fell down,right into a hole,choked on dirt,then a bear comes and kills me so im dead….But then My dad comes and saves me by shocking me with ELETRICITY. I was in paris,so before I fell in the hole I was liek,hanging on the top of the Effiel tower. I was like,screamingoutloud. Thats the only extremely dangerous thing….also I once almost swallowed a spider:

    Ok i was swimming in my pool and A spider is on the edge and we were like playing house,so I was laying down on the stairs,the spider floats into my mouth,I get up,and run inside. That night I thought I was gonna die but I did die before. Lol

  71. Samimimima said

    Honesty: 10/10
    Activity: Almost getting spit in half by an escalator!
    Description: So I was at an airport. I started to get on the escalator when one of my feet got stuck on some gum and my other foot was already on the escalator! I was already doing the spits and I was screaming something like: “IM GONNA DIE! IM GONNA DIE!” Then a manager came and helped me.

  72. Samimimima said

    Fell off a cliff? no
    Sky-dived with a blindfold and no parachute? no
    Skinny-dipped and got eaten by a shark? no
    Skied down Mount Everest wearing only ur bloomers and one sock? WHAT THE **** WHY WOULD I DO THAT???
    Almost drowned? no
    Got caught in a fire? no

  73. cutie2854 said

    Hai!! Im not really an exetreme person (oops extreme lol) But I have had some funny incidents from when I was little:
    First one (very hilarious :D)
    Honesty 10/10
    When I was two years old, i was eating rice krispies cereal and I stuffed some in my nose and ears (dont ask why! LOL) My mun tried taking them out with tweezers but it didnt work, so my dad drove me to hospital and I had too stay there for like a night, and They took it out. When I woke up (here comes the funny part) They were serving me breakfast, and they asked me whether i wanted coco pops, RICE KRISPIES (LOL 😀 haha) and something else. And my mum was like “NOT the rice krispies!” It was hilarious! Thats why I am still nervous whenever I eat rice krispies!

  74. seals37 said

    10/10 honesty
    I used to go camping with a whole bunch of people and our trailer was the fun trailer. All the kids were there. And we were all in the dark play games with glow sticks and mine broke and the liquid went all over me! It was in my mouth and my nose. I was okay but then all the kids tell me this stuff is going kill me. I went running around screaming my head off. Imagine it a five year old glowing like crazy, yelling like crazy, balling their eyes out like crazy, running around like a chicken who got his head cut off. Yup that’s me.

  75. HeavyMetalGirl said

    Lol a lot of stuff has happened to me…


    Activity:wrestling with my bro

    Ok so one day I was randomly wrestling with my brother and then suddenly he flipped me and then my head cracked opened so I had to go to the hospital but thegod thing is that my head looks normal now 🙂

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