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Ninja Guide

So you wanna be a ninja? Then get ready to listen up! First we will give you a brief history lesson (for the newer penguins) and then tell ya the how-to.


A History Lesson

The Dojo has been a part of Club Penguin since it first started. But it was very different from what it is today. It used to just be a big empty room, great for snowball fights and parties. And to get to it on the map, there was a bunch of purplish mountains and you had to click those to get to the Dojo.
So penguins partied peacefully in the Dojo until the Halloween Party of 2008. A huge storm came on Halloween, and if you stood on the Dojo and watched the walls carefully, whenever lightning struck, a strange shadowy form of a ninja penguin would appear.
During the storm, the Dojo—being so high up on the mountains—was damaged by wind and lightning and got buried in snow. (Around this time is when the Dojo marker appeared on the map.) An old gray penguin with a beard, a funny hat, a coat, and shovel was seen digging. If you clicked him, where the name usually is on a player card, was just “???????”. Member penguins purchased shovels and attempted to help him dig. If you clicked the Dojo on the map, you’d be map-zapped inside and there was a ladder and a big gaping hole in the roof. The Construction Helmet returned as a free item, and penguins helped drill the snow away.
By this time wild rumors are flying around club penguin—who is that old penguin, whats going on, I’m a ninja, blah blah blah. Mysterious shadows were seen everywhere: in the ski lodge, the lighthouse, the gift shop, the plaza… well, finally, the Dojo was dug free. The Courtyard was added. On November 14, 2008 blue mats appeared, Sensei was seen on this green cushion, and if you clicked him, he would tell you about how to become a ninja…by playing this game called Card-Jitsu.

Well, I suppose by now your bored and you just want to know how to be a ninja already. So calm down. Im getting there. *eats banana*
I am going to tell you how NOT to become a ninja. there used to be a rumor that if you stood in the Dojo for half an hour without moving, three penguins would pop up and make you a ninja. Sensei confirmed this wrong: Picture 7

So, now to get started. First, get your penguin butt to the Dojo Courtyard right now. Next to the Dojo is the Ninja Hideout. Theres a big stone. Mouse over it and it will disappear. If you’re not a ninja yet there will be a note on the door that says:  Picture 4Ok, then you go inside the Dojo. Click the green cushion and Sensei will appear.Picture 3

Click him. When it asks if you want to talk to him, hit “Yes”, then click Instructions. He’s gonna explain  the basics of card-jitsu and how to be a ninja,  and he’s going to give you a pack of cards, containing nine regular cards and a Power Card. Sensei talks in haiku, and he doesn’t elaborate on everything, so we’re going to repeat what Sensei says and add more to it.

The Elements
This is the simplest part, I think. Water puts out Fire. Fire melts Snow. Snow freezes water. The end.

The Belts
NOTE: you can earn your belts a heck of a lot quicker if you talk to Sensei and click “earn your belts” instead of clicking the blue mats!!!
Every time you win a match, you get awarded anywhere between 10-20 %. Once you reach  100%, you get awarded a belt. To see where you are in earning your belts, look at the chat bar and you will see some blue card-jitsu cards. Click them, and they will tell you how far along you are to earning your next belt. (These cards only show up in the Dojo, Dojo Couryard, or Ninja Room.) There are nine belts to earn before getting the Ninja Mask. in the Dojo there is a sign: Picture 1

You start off with no belt. Win a bunch of games and you get a white belt, then yellow, then orange, so on and so on.

The Cards
Sensei gives you 10 cards. Nine normal cards (3 of Fire, 3 of Water, 3 of Snow) and a Power Card. The Power Card is glowing. *OOOOOOOH*

Playing the Game
Once your playing a game, you need to pick a card. (duh.) I suggest starting out with Water. Most people seem to think Fire is strongest element so they play Fire first. (this isn’t positive for everyone. It’s just a hunch but it normally works.) There are two ways to win. Get one card of each element, and each card is a different color. Or, you could get three cards of the same element, and each of those is a different color. For example, if I played Snow and my opponent played Water, I would win that round and the Snow card would fly up into the corner. Then, I would have to beat my opponent with Fire and Water and I would win that round.  Or, say I played the blue card of Water and won. I would have to use the purple Water and the green Water cards so then I would win.  Also, say i used the purple card of Fire and won with it. I wouldn’t be able to use that card again.

Becoming a Ninja
Once you have your black belt, you need to talk to Sensei and click “Challenge Sensei.” You need to beat Sensei in a round of Card-Jitsu to earn your ninja mask.

Picture 14

It takes a while to become a ninja. Members will probably need to play against only a few times, but nonmembers have to play a lot more than that to win. I was going on someones account who was a nonmember and it took me 7 or 8 times until I finally beat him. But still, dont give up nonmembers, cuz you will end up beating him sometime. NOTE: Don’t bother trying to beat him if your anything besides a black belt or ninja. He is computer generated to win no matter how hard you  play. But once your a black belt or ninja, you will be able to beat him and earn….THE MASK.

Picture 1 copyPicture 3

Fire Ninjas:

A History Lesson

In November 0f 2009, odd things were happening. Penguins spotted smoke coming out of a mountain that turned out NOT to be a mountain, but a volcano. Everyone was immediately suspicious of ninja activity there – and Sensei himself had some things to say. Speaking in his peaceful haikus, he told us to be ready of activities for member ninjas involving taming the element of Fire.
So all the penguins waited apprehensively for news. One day, a Fire Scavenger Hunt was organized to help renovate the top-secret Ninja Hideout room. Hot sauce, torches and other fiery items were collected and brought to the Ninja Hideout, where eager ninjas wondered what the future would hold. In the trefoil of elements on the floor of the room, the red section of Fire was glowing mysteriously.
After the Scavenger Hunt, the mission to work with Fire suddenly made its presence known in the Ninja Hideout. Members could click on a little stone plaque and a door would rise out of the floor, calling the worthy ones to come through it and learn how to master Fire. Through the door waited Sensei, and he is still there today, ready to teach his students.

Since no one here is a member, I’ve found you a great blog that will tell you all about Fire Ninjas!! Click here!!

Water Ninjas:

A History Lesson

The story of Water Ninjas is similar to that of Fire Ninjas. In late 2010, for the first time ever on the island, it rained. Ninjas knew that something suspicious was up. So they watched for any more signs from their Sensei.
A Water Scavenger Hunt was held. Water items were collected and hoarded in the secret Ninja Hideout Room. The Water section on the trefoil started to glow. Then one day, a stone plaque was found in the Ninja Hideout. For member ninjas, a door will open and beckon you to come to the waterfall, where Sensei waits to teach the mastery of Water.

Again, no one is a member, so here is a guide I’ve found at monchocho.com. Click here!

Snow Ninjas:
*Snow Ninjas have not yet been released by the Club Penguin staff*


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  1. fgjfg said

    this is rubbish info!!!!
    blimey, mate, im so very sorry. ‘ave a jolly good day now mate!

  2. ashley said

    you guys should tell them what cards to pick
    if you looked carefully, u will see that we tried our best to. we cant tell them every single card to choose bcuz which one to choose depends on what your opponent chose, and we dont know what their opponent will choose. 😐

  3. Atotawamb said

    OMG enjoyed reading your article. I added your rss to my blogreader!!

  4. and anyway if u stood there for 30 min you would get logged out because ur not moving

  5. jey how do u get a ? picked bY Aunt Arctic

  6. when u move the scroll bar up and down by the belt color part it looks cool
    random ness

  7. OW!!! I just fell back in my chair

  8. Ashley DI said

    its sort rude to nonmembers tht they hav to try many times to become a ninja but members only hav to try 3 times (thts how many times it took me to beat sensei)

    ~Ashhley DI
    Yeah it took me 5 or 6 times :-/

  9. Nobody commented on this page in awhile… ALL WELL, I AM =D

    ~Ashley Di

  10. tattoo designs said

    Good work ! Keep us posting, you are very good writer.

  11. i saw a water ninja and their all loike “join the tribe” and they are moving water all ova

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