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Field-Op #16

Posted by Funkytwins on September 28, 2010

I’m getting really tired of this xP

But, as a blogger, I have an obligation to provide you with any needed information.

So let’s break it down until three easy steps.

1. Your Phone will be Ringing; Go to the HQ and Accept this Field Op

2. G's Hint was to Look Near a Curtain; Go to the Dance Lounge and Waddle to This Curtain

3. Power Up the Chipsets; Avoid Electric Red Traps; Don't Forget the Key and Don't Forget to Recharge

Ta-daa another crummy medal.

Okay now let’s take a closer look.

G said that there would be a new EPF tool available next week. Good news for members, I presume.

This must be why Aunt Arctic reprinted the “A Certain Curtain” question in the Penguin Times! It was printed in like, ’07, and now that the EPF is booming I guess they found a reason for it.

I was disappointed 😦 I thought the curtain hid a map to Rockhopper Island.

Anyways…so, now we know the reason behind the mysterious blue curtain in the dance lounge.
Oh, has anyone noticed that if you haven’t accepted the Field-Op your phone still gives you hints? After taking a screenie of G’s message, I forgot to click “Accept Field-Op” and immediately teleported to the dance lounge. My phone didn’t turn green or beep, it just flashed red and started twitching. So, there’s a little hint for you. Yay?

Billybob is extremely late on updating the Cart Surfer stuff; there are no new stamps and the black puffles still aren’t Cart Surfing; he said they would on Thursday. Weird. Haha they fail xD

So there it is people! Don’t forget to convince Flubby to stayyyyyy 😥



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