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~Club Penguin Cheats and Glitches~

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Here we have some cheats and things for you to explore while on Club Penguin!
We always try to include credit for the cheat but if there is no name, we either thought of it ourselves or we don’t know who the person is. If you discover another one, you could tell us, and if you are trying one out and it doesn’t work anymore please let us know!

How To Make Club Penguin Load Faster
Put it on Low Definition!! To do that, just hit the plus or minus key next to the Backspace key – or the Delete key if you’re using a Mac. When you hit the plus or minus (+ or -) everything will go a little fuzzy and you won’t be able to see details very well, but don’t worry, it will load so much faster!

How To Not See People’s Usernames or Their Speech Bubbles
For this you need to have a Portal Box in your igloo…so it’s pretty much members only 😦 Walk away from the Portal Box and click on it. Before you reach it, click the “edit your igloo” button. You will get zapped into the Box Dimension. Until you log off, you will not be able to see people’s usernames OR what they say to you! (Credit to Doggy17)

How To Use Another Person’s Player Card to Take Off Your Penguin’s Clothes
Find some dude who is wearing some of the same clothes/pins/background as you. Open your player card, and then WITHOUT closing it, open the other person’s player card. If you click their clothes on their player card, they will stay on the player card but disappear on you! 😆 Weird right? (Credit to some guy on YouTube)

How To Have Better Control Over Where the Hockey Puck/Soccer Ball Goes
Go to the Stadium or Rink. Hold down “tab” on your keyboard. Without letting go, click the puck. You will be able to stand on it without it flying all over the place. Then, still holding down tab, click where you want the puck to go and it will in that direction! (Your penguin will waddle after it, too – so don’t trip over the ball :lol:) This works for both the soccer pitch and the hockey rink.  It is best to try this when you are alone so nobody is disrupting you. (Another YouTube one)

How To Get a Bunch of Coins!
Click on Bean Counters (or any other game your penguin needs to waddle over to, like pizzatron or something)
While you are ALMOST on top of the coffee bag, quickly click your the “igloo” icon. You will get zapped to your igloo and two seconds later you will get the “do you want to play bean counters” sign. Click “yes.” Play until your score is about over 1,000 points and then click the “X” button. Keep clicking the “X” and the coins will keep getting added to your account. Go for as long as you want, but the only way to leave the game is to log off the server..
NOTE: it is NOT our fault if you get banned for doing this. Flubby just discovered and posted about it, JuJu thought it was really neat. were not saying “GO HACK CLUB PENGUIN” were just posting something flubby found. (CREDIT TO FLUBBY123456) THIS BUG WAS DELETED BECAUSE SOMEONE (we won’t say who) EMAILED CLUB PENGUIN TELLING THEM ABOUT IT!!!!!! DO NOT TRY IT NOW because it will automatically log you out and if it happens more than three times you might get banned!!!

How To Stand On Doors and Paths
This seems hard at first, but don’t worry, it takes less than three tries to master it. You just need to watch your timing. Click on the path or door or whatever. When your penguin is almost done walking, quickly open up your mail. Wait a moment and then X-out of mail and voila! You are standing on a path or door that, had you not clicked the mail, would have taken you to another room. (Credit to some random penguin on CP, thanks so much dude! If I remembered your username, I’d put you up here.)

Nubbing! (How To Walk Beneath the Chat Bar)
You don’t need to use CPTrainer or penguin storm for this. It’s easy. Simply click to the side of your chat bar, as lowish as possible, then click beside the map. If all went well, your head will be poking over the chat bar and u will be waddling!! its fun.
NOTE: you will only be able to walk by clicking the sides. you cant just click the white space underneath. all you can do (unfortunately) is stand by the end of it. (CREDIT TO FLUBBY123456)

How To Talk While Holding the Newspaper
It’s really easy! Just open the newspaper. Then go to “We Need You!” and click the “Question” button. (it doesn’t have to ONLY be a question, it just can’t be something you need to attach a .jpg to) then type whatever you want and hit send. {Or, if we are confusing you, send a question to Aunt Arctic.} Click the “Main” button so your automatically back at the front page — it’s important you don’t turn the pages one by one. Then hit the Tab button on your keyboard. Now you can talk with the newspaper up! YAY! The downside is, you can’t exit the newspaper to see what you’re saying. Oh well. (Credit to some Club Penguin blog, I don’t remember the name of it)

How to Slide Across the Ground Without Moving Your Feet

It’s best to do this in a really big room like the Dock or Snow Forts or something. Stand at the very edge of the room so you have lots of room to slide. Click somewhere, anywhere, just make sure it’s far! (At this point, your penguin should be walking across the screen.) Now, open your newspaper, but only for a second. Close it, quickly!!! Now your penguin should be sliding across the floor with its feet not moving! It’s really funny, but other penguins can’t see you do it. 😦 Oh well. And if you move your mouse in a circle and your penguin will spin slowly as it slides xD (Credit to Sledderboy!! Thanks!)


*If anyone needs a book code for The Official Club Penguin Guide, just ask JuJu which page and question and she will get back as soon as possible! She owns that book, so it’s easy to find answers.*


How To Leave the Game and Just Waddle Around, but Still Be Able to Play It
{This only works with Find Four, Mancala, and Sled Racing! But, with Sled Racing, you have to be quick or else the race will start and you won’t be able to walk around.} Click “Yes” when the sign asks if you want to play. Then, open the mail, wait four seconds for luck, and close the mail. You’ll be able to walk around and still play the game! (Credit to Flubby123456)

Secret From Astro Barrier
(NOTE: WE ARE NO LONGER SURE IF THIS WORKS! THE MEMBERFYING OF THIS GAME MIGHT HAVE SCREWED THIS UP!) In Astro Barrier, if you wait 25 seconds after level 10 or 30 and shoot the blue ship you will go to a bunch of secret levels!

How To Earn 1000 Coins in Jet Pack Adventure
(MEMBERS ONLY, THANKS TO [words removed] BILLYBOB! And nonmembers, it doesn’t work if you just finish level 1 with no coins, proven fact.) Finish the entire game without collecting any coins. That includes the fuel bonuses! (Found this in the Penguin Times)

How To Go Faster and Higher in Catchin’ Waves
Surf with the Silver Surfboard – can be bought in the surf catalog by clicking the word “Waves.” Costs 800 coins, members only. (For another Catchin’ Waves tip, see “Puffles Play Too!” below. )

How To Access Level Expert in Dance Contest for Single-Player Mode
When Cadence asks you to pick a level, instead of clicking Easy, Medium, or Hard click on her. Then she will say, “Oh, so you’re looking for challenge? You can try expert mode, but it will be very difficult!” Then, click Yes, and you will be on expert. It does take a lot of practice because unlike Easy/Medium/Hard, the arrows aren’t in a pattern. They’re random. Good luck. (Another from the Penguin Times)(For another Dance Contest tip, see “Puffles Play Too!” below.)

How To Go Really Fast in Cart Surfer

Puffles Play Too!
Members, Ex-Members, or Coin Code Puffle Owners, you can take certain puffles in a game with you! They do tricks to help you earn points and coins!
Red Puffle – Catchin’ Waves
Purple Puffle – Dance Contest
Pink Puffle – Aqua Grabber
Yellow Puffle – DJ3K
Black Puffle – Cart Surfer
Green Puffle – Jet Pack Adventure


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  9. it is incredably lame that the turned like all the gmes member only i can only be on my member penguin bettween 7 and 10 and i am o n a timer for 2 hrs. so i cant even practice the games.

  10. idk if this is a cheat but if u r on the news paper and submiting something if u move the curser to the news paper u can scroll and go to other pages but u cant click nything

  11. i found out an insane trick if u press the tab on ur key board while ur on cp it will go to penguins doors etc… well then u press enter if u r on a penguin the card comes up if its on a door ur penguin will automatically waddle there.

  12. also with the tab if its on a penguin it follows them ’round

  13. slush7557 said

    lol im so following some idiot that anoys me thx

  14. thats right keep up the stalking power. also on the puffle page yellow puffles were discovered a few years ago not 2005.

  15. hey i found a glitch with the system defender game. if u quit during the game click how to earn stamps then go back 2 where it tells u how many coins u hav it says u earned 88888888 coins, but underneath it says u earned 888 888 888 they dont get added though

  16. hey i found a glitch it the clothing catolog. If u try to buy the ice fishing background it will ask u and if u click yes something pops up saying the item isnt availabel

  17. sonic99190 said

    heres cheat during partys some rooms that have no music have music
    like marvil party
    dig mine music

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