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Welcome to the Blogroll Page!!! If you get a spot on here you will automatically get one on the official blogroll widget. *pokes right sidebar*

There aren’t many rules or anything, just be nice to us and ask politely, and we will post your name and a link to your site! But we won’t post you if you advertise too much/are a big fat jerk to us/show up randomly, advertise, and then never come back.

*Just Another Thing* Flubby is and always will be first because she was the bestest penguin friend EVER and it’s a long-lasting tribute.

1. Flubby123456

http://slippey50833.wordpress.com/!!!!! GO THERE NOW

3. Sami/Smdoggy/Nessie Cullen

4. Rheddy

5. Wexfief

6. Cowtail5


8. Yen Burger

9. Scikid

10. Elizabeth456789

11. Ashley DI

12. Slush7557 and Chris 99063

13. Saka98

14. Buzzlight76

P.S. On this page, you can advertise up to three times. 😀 (That’s three links, not three comments with seventy links in each one!)


92 Responses to “Blogroll”

  1. rheddy said

    mine is http://www.rheddy.wordpress.com and you didnt add me to this site right you need to make me an administer.

    JuJu Says: yeah i tried to i went to Users and clicked Administrator and typed in ur email but it said that ur email didnt belong to wordpress but i know i typed in ur email right because i copied and pasted it from when u told be its really wired

  2. Madi said


  3. Sami said


  4. funkytwins said

    ok i will hang on sami i will put u up

  5. Wexfief said


  6. lktlasqcoo said

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  7. JuJu said

    on cp or to the blogroll?

  8. Here, I’ll do the blogroll thing for you!

  9. Wexfief said

    -_- You spelt it wrong….

  10. Please put mine on, it is: http://slippey50833.wordpress.com/

    ~Slippey~ Thank-you!

  11. Thanks for putting it on

  12. Annika1111 said


  13. Zebby said

    Do you take card jitsu codes as a donation??

  14. Yen Burger said

    add me plz.

  15. Scikid said

    add me pleez!

  16. scikid said

    my comment is gone!

  17. John said

    I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll read your articles more often!

  18. scikid said

    Hey! Guess what! The Green Team has reached 30000 views and there is going to be a party! Check out my latest post for more details! Tell me if you can come! Even if you cant, still make a comment!


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  21. Peter said

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  22. Peter said

    I read a few topics. I respect your work and added blog to favorites.

  23. can u plz add meh my site is

  24. do u hear me if u do {please don’t advertise! we can get to your site by clicking your name. ;)}

  25. oh sorry u can? i never noticed oh ur right

  26. sledderboy said

    I added you to my blogroll. Add me now please. Thank you.
    Its http://www.sledderboyclubpenguin.wordpress.com

  27. sledderboy said

    Visit my site for the latest cp cheats,trackers and much more at http://www.sledderboyclubpenguin.wordpress.com and also visit my chatbox. Thank you

  28. slush7557 said

    do u mind putting my site up there?

  29. slush7557 said

    its called chris99082 and slush7757 cheats

  30. slush7557 said

    tpo on slush i mean to say slush7557

  31. slush7557 said


  32. slush7557 said

    http//cheats by chris99063 and slush7557

  33. slush7557 said

    crap i forgot to say .com

  34. slush7557 said

    ok here it gos again

  35. slush7557 said

    http//cheats by chris99063 and slush7557.com

  36. slush7557 said

    ok maybe its not working because my blog is on bloger but that is its name

  37. slush7557 said

    btw i have u on my blog roll i also have flubby and the acp site. btw again we have no views on our blog at all 😦

  38. slush7557 said

    i dont have a url if i did i wouldn no it cause i didnt make the blog sorta its gard to explain

  39. slush7557 said

    http://cheats by chris99063 and slush7557.com

  40. slush7557 said


  41. slush7557 said

    its not on google it dosent have even 2 hits 😦

  42. slush7557 said

    u can try looking for it on blogger

  43. slush7557 said

    i have an idea

  44. slush7557 said


  45. JuJu said

    None of those links are working! 😦

  46. slush7557 said

    darn it!

  47. slush7557 said

    ok il try again http//cheatsbychris99063andslush7557@”.blogger”.com

  48. slush7557 said

    crap i give up:sad:

  49. slush7557 said

    well this is imposible none of my links work

  50. slush7557 said


  51. slush7557 said

    see .. __

  52. JuJu said

    Well then, what link do you use to go visit your own website?

  53. JuJu said

    Don’t worry we will find a way to make it work.

  54. slush7557 said


  55. slush7557 said

    http//cheats by chris99063 and slush7557.”blogger”.com

  56. slush7557 said


  57. slush7557 said

    maybe i should have spaced the wrods?

  58. slush7557 said

    http://cheats by chris99063 and slush7557.blogspot.com/

  59. slush7557 said


  60. Funkytwins said

    Nah, whatever you do, do not use spaces!!! Spaces are the enemy of links. No quotation marks either. Try asking Chris99063 to comment a link, or to tell you how 🙂 We’ll make it work out somehow

  61. slush7557 said


  62. slush7557 said

    hey guys u should see these to awsome things i put on my blog its called fish its where on the side of the blog are fish and u can feed them and i got the daily pupy it shows a new pupy pic each day

  63. slush7557 said


  64. slush7557 said

    the link above works! omygawsh im so happy

  65. slush7557 said

    u got to read my post the link works i tried it

  66. slush7557 said

    lolz il be looking for it

  67. slush7557 said

    o my trys to sound like fred o my gammit thanks guys for puting my blog on ur blogroll plz visit have u seen the dish or the daily puppy yet?

  68. Hi There!
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    Ellsbells 😀

  69. saka98 said

    mY SITE IS:
    Your on my blogroll

  70. Can I please be on your blogroll? I’ll put you on mine! Click my name to go see my site! (PS you should make an advertising page 😉 )

  71. saka98 said

    Wait…Did I do something to get on the bloggroll?

  72. Sledderboy said

    Hey juju. want to add me here? As soon as you do comment on my site or email me and ill add you 🙂
    Im a big fan 🙂

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  74. Ivy7777 said


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