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Christmas Party, Rockhopper, Pin and EPF 27!

Posted by Funkytwins on December 17, 2010

The Holiday Party is here! Yayyyyyy!

The biggest part of the Christmas Party is always Coins for Change. These little cauldrons are located practically everywhere.

You can donate 100, 500, 800, or 5000 coins to either Building Safe Places, Protecting the Earth, and Providing Medical Care. You earn a stamp for Volunteer when you donate 100 coins, and a stamp for Top Volunteer for donating 5000 coins. I’m going to donate a lot to each cause. I’m glad that CP has a giving-thing to do over Christmas, because kids these days are hooked on getting stuff.

If you don’t know what Coins for Change is…
Coins for Change is when penguins donate coins to worthy charities. The amount of donations each single charity gets decides how much of $1,000,000 (one million US dollars) the Disney’s Club Penguin donates to each one. For example. If Building Safe Places gets 200,000 coins, Protecting the Earth gets 250,000 coins, and Providing Medical Care gets 300,000 coins, then Providing Medical Care will get the most amount of money. Get it? It’s kind of confusing. But you can decide which should get how much money…it’s hard to choose though, because all of the charities are great.

Moving on, they brought back the Reindeer Antlers, located at the Ski Village.

There’s a new pin, a Snow Globe, at the Dock *pokes sidebar*

Rockhopper is here as well!!!! I have a tracker posted in the sticky. The Free Item is a Globe Hat, and the member stuff is Coins for Change items. There is also a Coins for Change background, too, for 60 coins, available to nonmembers as well.

There is also a new room too. It’s not much but a giant Christmas tree so tall you can only see the bottom branches. I dunno if they’ll take it down after the party or what. You can enter this room (When it’s loading, it says: Loading ??? because if you walk onto the Dock it will say Loading Dock with the spinning arrows.) You can enter this ??? room by an alternate path either in the Town or the Plaza. It’s not on the map, but I think it’s in front of the Snow Forts or something.

Click to Enlarge

On the Night Club Roof there’s a members-only game. It’s a sledding thing, I did it last year and I think you just have to drop the presents in the chimneys and you win a prize. They might have changed it but I’m assuming it’s pretty easy.

And EPF Field-Op #27 came out today!

1. Go to HQ to accept mission

2. Go to Ski Village and waddle to the Tour Guide Booth

3. Match the symbols. Click on the circles in the column to turn them into to different shapes. If the circle is outlined in green, it’s right. Don’t change it. If it’s outlined in red, it’s wrong, that shape doesn’t appear at all in the puzzle. If it’s outlined in yellow, it means that it is the right shape but in the wrong location.

Ta daaaaa

On December 20-30, you can send/receive a Gift Postcard. When you open it, you get a gift. Last year it was a Christmas-y colored stocking cap.

Well, I think that’s all. Enjoy the festivities! Don’t forget to give.



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