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Just saying hi (:

Posted by Funkytwins on September 19, 2011

Hey guys-

I’ts Madi.  Wowwwwwww, haven’t been on here for a looooooooong time.  I miss all of you more than life itself</333

I’ve grown out of Club Penguin, grown up a bit, but I still get nostalgic and sniffly whenever I look back on the old pages and see all my old friends who quit who used to comment on here all the time.  I see new people and feel bad they couldn’t have seen Funkytwins when it was in its glory days!  We still love you <3(:

I want you to know no matter what, you will always have a home at Funkytwins.  If you’re someone who quit and wants to come back, if you’re someone new who needs somewhere to go, Funkytwins is here for you.  Always have, always will be.  We really don’t ever come on here- but when we do, we carefully inspect everything that has happened and notice everything and appreciate everyone.  Funkytwins is always a place you can go.  You can always email us too at tigergirl1012@aol.com

I’m gonna go now before I get teary eyed and start crying.  I miss this so much.  5th, 6th, and 7th graders who still play CP- never grow up.  It sucks.  Love being a kid now, because you only get to be it for a very short time once.

And you’ll all be happy to know that Skwirt, JuJu, and I (Madi) are all still the very best of friends. (:

Lots of Love,



33 Responses to “Just saying hi (:”

  1. Samimimima said


  2. Wexfief said

    This was posted on my birthday : O

  3. JuJu said

    Hey! It’s me again…long time no see…yeah I agree with Maddie, there really just isn’t time to go on CP anymore 😛

    Whoa guys, I’m 14 now O.O freshie in high school! Whatt happened?!!
    I’ ve changed so much XD for one thing, I cuss like A LOT. A bit too much, imo. LOL! but I won’t on here 🙂 Also, I’ve improved my typing skills!! Yayyyy!!!

    And Madi’s right people, if you ever want to talk to us, PLEASE comment on here, email us, or you can reach me personally anytime at faithful27@earthlink.net or juliagrace697@gmail.com…my Neopets username is orlando_fan33, go ahead and neomail meh. Please don’t hesitate! We lurve you all *big squishy hug* and this really is your home. Although we don’t go on often, still, it’s a place for you.

    Speaking of, I wanna let you all know – this is hard for me to say but it’s sort of been true for a while – you can stop expecting Club Penguin updates on here. I mean…I don’t know if you guys still do or not, but, there are plenty of other, far more advanced blogs then this so you’ll be fine! Club Penguin just doesn’t have the charm it used to.

    Whoa guys, I kind of really miss this. I liked being super excited for Rockhopper to come, getting up at three in the morning to check out the new parties…seriously, Club Penguin WAS MY LIFE. I’m not exaggerated. It was mostly all I thought about.

    I feel so old, guys! JKFJDSKLJFKLSD. Especially because I know that 14 is so young, but, I feel really old posting on here.

    I think that sometime during some weekend – maybe Christmas break? – we’ll have a little reunion party shindig!! We should. All-out, people – Bunny Bandits all over the place, I’m talking total pandemonium.


    • cutie2854 said

      I think thats an AWESOME IDEA JuJu!! I wish I discovered this website before, like you said, in its glory days, im in the 8th grade and sadly nowadays i dont really play clubpenguin as often as i used to, i hate to admit it, but yeah,its getting less fun day by day :””(
      My name on club penguin is cutie2854, I started Club Penguin, like three years ago (old times…)
      Best of wishes to you JuJu, Madi and Skwirt, and thanks for making an awesome blog, which everyone loves, it makes me smile 🙂
      Bye, Good luck in life!!!

  4. theclubpenguincode said

    Are you going to post again then?

  5. cpsnumber1fann/flabbergasted/william said

    Hai juju its mr soup!!!!! hows life? my emails chilidogday@comcast.net and skype is william_schuster_1997 if ya wanna chat sometime. i have major nostalgia coming here xD

  6. JuJu said

    OH and if any of you go on neopets, stalk me: orlando_fan33

  7. kayla29336 said

    hey guys!! its been along time since ive been here MONTHS
    JUJU! heyz! *gives hug* when i came on here and saw tht juju commented and was here i started crying and i still am. i know i was never here 4 everything but this is my home. *wipes tear* 5th grade this year.ive changed a lot.
    I seriously miss u guys!!!
    gotta go study now. spelling bee 2morro so
    ~Kayla Wayla~

  8. Wexfief said

    comment comment comment

  9. Slush7557 said

    Hey guys if you don’t remember me that’s fine just posting because I remebered this site even though I no longer play CP but for old times sake. I want to say I feel totally Slushified and I really feel the Slushification. HA that felt good and also I moved to North Carolina from Texas

    Later y’all


  10. Yay someone else still commenting! I love this blog, please reply Juju or Madi, please 🙂 *makes innocent face* lol.
    Comment if reading, I feel lonely…

    • Madi said

      Hahaha hi!!!! Just came on here for old time’s sake… miss these days so much 😥 thank you for loving our blog!!!

    • Ivy7777 said

      I wanna try that.
      Some truthful stuff:
      Everytime I come here and see this post I cry very hard over the fact no one is here 😥
      This is my all time favorite website
      I mention you guys A LOT on Chicken Smoothie.
      I cry every day thinking about this site
      I think about you every day
      I would be the happiest girl in the world if you came back
      Please. I miss you.

  11. Cutie2854 said

    Gosh I miss this place </3 :'o

  12. Ivy7777 said

    Hey I created my own site because of you guys! Just click my name okay?

  13. Cutie2854 said

    Rainbow derp combo x1001 😎

  14. clubpenguinkatie said


  15. Repties & Koalas said

    Anyone here? Cutie? Ya still here?

  16. Repties & Koalas said

    Onoez I did it again! I promise I didn’t forget!

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