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THE 411

Posted by Funkytwins on January 30, 2011

wow has it been a long time or what! Well It’s me, skwirt, and HI. Today I was bored at home like any other day and i said what the hay im going to check out funkytwins because well idk i just miss it. When I opened the page I didnt expect post from this week i would expect post from like June last year. When I saw that everybody, especially JuJU, has kept up with this site it shocked me and touched me in a place the world calls the heart. So here I am to explain stuff.

Over the summer It occur to me how I dont find CP as entertaining as I did in the begining of the summer. I just dont no why. And I wish I could of told you guys this but it kinda like just occur to me lol. I mean Its not that I dont like it its just I got bored of it because idk im just tht kinda person(even ask juju and madi) I kinda like abanoded my CP friends, funkytwins friends, and Madi and JuJu(with the site), skwirt621(my cp) and my puffles.

I also noticed tht we 25 thousand hits! THAT UNBELIVABLE! I mean we started this in 2009 and we just came so far with this  website..and hopefully we keep going for a  longer…im just so proud* smiles*

SO i just want to thank a few important people. First i want to thannk JuJu because she stuck with this and believe in it forever and still does. Next i want to thank madi because she has done extremly amount of work and has stuck with this site to even at its breaking point and brought joy to it. NExt I want to thank flubby123456 because she has really inspired me and juju from the beginging. Last but totally not least u guys! I mean the site cant be a site with out u so thankss!

oh yea one last thing..CP. Because wats a CP site without CP. but im thanking the old CP.

FINE. the new one to. thanks disney.

This is definetly not the last time u will here from me, skwirt, okay! I have a few ideas up my sleeve so i hope all is well and i want to thank you for the two years u’ve brought to me and i will be happy as i go into retirement from cp. thanks guys!

tahtah for now,



13 Responses to “THE 411”

  1. Funkytwins said

    (This is JuJu)
    thanks skwirt! ur so cute!

  2. Slush7557 said

    nice to hear from skwirt you may not no me but i became a fan of the site in septemeber and to be honest i thought this site wouldnt be good but when i saw it im like holy cow this place is awesome but actually i thought it was juju doing all the work i didnt no u made most of the site well bye.ps this is the most awkward post i have made on this site or any other site.pps probobly because i think its awkward striking conversations with ppl idk especially on the web. so bye! ~Slush7557~

  3. Slush7557 said

    get on sleet where having a party for everyone there will be games recruiting pbs (practice battles) training sessions and a partay going on at all times u can even go to my igloo for the party il have it on map the whole day the party is for all day and its on sleet (if ur a sleet bandit wear uniform and u can find uniform at the end of the sleet bandits page

  4. JuJu said

    lol slush xD okay, what day is the party? I hope I didnt miss it!!

  5. kayla29336 said

    i think today but i kept checking. HE WASNT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Slush7557 said

      i was but i kept logging off because i couldnt see anyone for the party and i got sad then i got my hopes up and got back on and nobodey was there and the cycle went on and on like six times oh and theres and active post on my site and a contest (the active post isnt for promos and demotion just comment so i no ur active) ~Slush7557~

  6. Samimimima said

    Whys it called the 411?

  7. pingupingey said


  8. Slush7557 said


  9. Slush7557 said


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