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Well-Known Penguins

What’s any place at all without some famous people? Club Penguin is no exception. Here’s a quick guide to the famous people you have to know – but, we’re not including famous blogger people like Mimo777 or Watex.

Real Club Penguin Characters:

* Rockhopper (RH), is a red pirate penguin with a long black beard, a hat, and big bushy black eyebrows. He sails to the Island in his ship called the Migrator every two or three months. Rockhopper is getting a giant place on this page, as opposed to the others only getting a sentence or two, because he is the most known and he comes to visit the most.

Facts about his penguin:
-Rockhopper is a red pirate penguin with a big bushy black beard and big eyebrows and a pirate hat. (no EXACT copies of these will be sold in catalogs!)
-Sometimes he has Yarr the red puffle with him.
-He comes from an island far away called Rockhopper Island. His island is where the red puffles originate from.
-Rockhopper is larger and faster than the average penguin. If there is a blob, his head and hat will tower over the rest of them.
-He visits every three months and waddles around the island so penguins can have a chance to meet him and get a special background.
-Rockhopper usually crosses the Island in a sequence of the map, starting in his ship.
-Rockhopper isn’t a robot! The real dudes must take turns using him, because he called some dude by his name. Mmm-hmm. So all -you “RH IS A ROBOT” farts better get a life. However, sometimes he can be really ignorant and other times he is very talkative.

Tips to Find him When he Visits:
-He can be a tricky one. If he is at the Snow Forts and he looks like he is heading towards the Ice Rink for some hockey, wait until you see him go in because he will change his mind. Those intelligent people who zapped there with the map will get locked out cuz the Forts is full. Ha-ha on them! 😛 (I know this from experience, but I waited until he was sure he wasn’t going in 😀 )
-Sometimes he server-hops. (As in goes across the list of servers the were they are listed) Only sometimes though.
-And its not only the full five-bar servers. I met him my for second time in Mukluk with only two-bars in the full-o-meter.
-His name is in the Users In Room list! If you can’t click him, no biggy. Just go down to that handy-dandy chat bar and click the buddy list. Then click the mouthless (whats up with that anyway??) smiley face and go down to the R’s. When you come to Rockhopper’s name there is a big 😀 next to it.
-Don’t bother asking him to add you. He won’t be your buddy, but you can get the background.
-Don’t believe people when they say “Press tab-tab-enter to go in!! If you do that the room wont be full!” It will take you to the login page. (Experience…)
-Rockhopper likes to tell stories. They are very cheesy but it’s fun to listen and pretend to be suprised xD

* Cadence, also known as DJ K-Dance, is a DJ dancer. She’s a peach penguin with Purple Hair, headphones, greenish sneakers and a striped scarf, and usually shows up during the Music Jam in July. Her name is pronounced CAY-dence, not CAN-dence. Her name comes from the band march, cadence. If you spell her name wrong on this site, you will get a long lecture from JuJu, guaranteed.

* The Penguin Band (PB), consists of four country bupkins: G Billy, Franky, Stompin Bob, and Petey K. G Billy plays drums, he is navy blue with a brown hat, and he is sort of the leader. Franky is yellow, has red sneakers, wears a brown hat, and plays the acoustic guitar. Petey K is green with round glasses and the brown hat and plays an accordian. Stompin Bob is red with black shades and a brown hat; he plays a cello. They will probably show up during the Music Jam too.

* Gary the Gadget Guy (literally known as G) used to be in charge of the Penguin Secret Agency and now helps out with the Elite Penguin Force. He is blue with crazy round glasses and a white lab coat. He shows up during the Halloween Party sometimes.

* Aunt Arctic (AA) is a reporter and advice columnist for the Penguin Times newspaper. She is green with glasses and a pink beanie. She has only turned up once so far, during the Penguin Play Awards, and everyone listed above except Rockhopper went there too.

*Sensei (S) is the ninja master and trainer. He appeared in the Halloween Party of 2008 when the Dojo was struck by lightning. He started training ninjas November 14, 2008 and made his first appearance as a penguin who waddled among us in July of 2009 in the Ninja Hideout. He is gray with a long white beard and a Chinese-looking hat. He has white eyebrows and nobody has ever seen his eyes. O_o

Club Penguin Moderators
*Billybob, the leader.

Click here when a famous penguin comes to the Island. It’s a chat and just ask people where they are and there will probably be a search party, and blahblahblah. Seriously, with enough people to spread out over the different servers your chances of finding anyone are increased by a lot! And, most of the famous penguins listed above seem to favor the servers Mammoth, Blizzard, Frozen, and Alaska BUT THEY CAN BE ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!JuJu met Rockhopper on Mukluk and practically no one goes on there.

A Warning About Trackers!
We are very doubtful about trackers. There are some that work, yeah, but they stick and have to be updated manually. If we find a good one, we’ll post it, but we won’t guarantee that it’s perfect!


16 Responses to “Well-Known Penguins”

  1. Jkisme5 said


  2. funkytwins said


  3. Ashley DI said

    Would Rory that construction guy on club penguin be considered a well known penguin?

    ~Ashley DI

  4. slippey50833 said

    i thought rsnail would be the leader, since he made the game…

    • JuJu said

      Ashley: well, he is just a character, he doesnt have his own penguin and stuff.
      slippey:he did? i never knew that! we always hear about billybob this and billybob that….weird

      • Samimimima said

        Yea he invented the idea for club penguin (Penguin Chat 3) and so then Billybob used that and created Club Penguin. INTERESTING CP FACT—-> The idea for G’s looks were modeled after Penguin Chat (REEEEEEEEEALY early CP). All the penguins are blue and have some-what pointed heads that make them odd-looking in any close-ups. G has glasses, but if you look under them they are little black dots, identical to the ones penguins have on Penguin Chat!!! I have no idea why he’s a scientist.

  5. U TYPE A LOT!!!!!!!!!


  6. Rsnail quit 😦

  7. ugh i tracker said he was in a members only room so a bunch of non members got mad so unfair

  8. Samimimima said

    You should write more about G. He is to awesome not to be written about. And his glasses are NOT crazy!!! You got that from Herbert, didn’t you? *sigh* And he doesn’t ONLY wear glasses and a lab coat. He also has a suit and tie. You should know more about him!!! Or am I the only GG?
    P.S. GG stands for Gary Geek

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    Very interesting topic, thanks for putting up….

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    i am an old member plz reply

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