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Rockhopper Tracker

Posted by Funkytwins on December 17, 2010

NOTE: This post is sticky, scroll down to read other posts!

Rockhopper is here, and of course *everyone* wants to meet him. I’m lucky enough to say I have met him many times. He’s a pretty cool guy – but the crowds of penguins desperate to see him aren’t so cool, and it’s wicked hard to find him. This tracker ought to help you out.

Rockhopper Tracker

Flubby *bows head* provided this tracker (no she didn’t invent it!) and the code to it. We just used to code to post the tracker. Here’s the HTML:

<a href=”http://clubpenguincp.com/trackers/rockhopper/&#8221; title=”Rockhopper Tracker”><img src=”http://clubpenguintrackers.com/rockhopper.png&#8221; alt=”Rockhopper Tracker”></img></a>

Now, I still don’t trust trackers very much. But this one seems to operate pretty well. It’s not always right, but it works real nice as trackers go. I’d say its 90% accurate, which is good enough for most people.

See our Well-Known Penguin page for tips about Rockhopper!

Good luck dealing with the crowds around him! And I’m sure you’ll all hate that Sorry this room is currently full sign after a few tries. But don’t give up.


P.S. Refresh this post every so often to see where he is going next!!!!


12 Responses to “Rockhopper Tracker”

  1. pingupingey said

    Visit theclubpenguincode for the whole new story. Have I quit? Am I Staying? Read all the goss at theclubpenguincode. Don’t click my name first. Firstly go to http://theclubpenguincode.wordpress.com!

  2. the server brise doesnt exsits or is it a different language one???????

  3. kayla29336 said

    hey guys wht ya doing lol i sound like isabella from phineas and ferb

  4. kayla29336 said

    lol new debate phineas or ferb

  5. rockhopper said

    this website is good. rockhopper will be on bunny hill server at 2:38 pm on the 5th of january 2011.

    happy new year
    love from rockhopper xxxxxxxxx

  6. Ashley Di said

    helllooooo long time no talk =)

  7. Samimimima said

    OMG Rockhopper commented!

  8. ITCHY BOY said


    • kayla29336 said

      Uhhhhhhhhhh so what if it wasnt u probroly were to slow to go on the server or he just left when u came sooooo ummmmmmmm yeah.

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