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Field-Op #26 & Other Updates!

Posted by Funkytwins on December 10, 2010

Okay the first order of business are the new login screens.
(Click to Enlarge)

^^^ This is about coins for change. It will last for ten days, the 17th through the 27th.

^^^ This one shows the Christmas Party. It will last for ten days as well, Friday the 17th – 27th. You can donate to coins for change during that time.

^^^ This one kind of pisses me off. Apparently, new members get 12,000 (yes, TWELVE THOUSAND, 1-2-0-0-0) free coins when they activate their membership during December.

Anyways, there’s the EPF mission. How to solve it in three steps:

1. Accept field-op at HQ.

2. Go to the Stage’s ticket booth in the Plaza.

3. Click your phone which should be beeping. Guide the microchip through the maze, charging up the chipsets. Don’t forget the get the key, charge the microchip often, and avoid the red traps. They will zap you and too many zaps will make you die.

The Christmas party construction is cropping up all over the place. Also, Rockhopper’s ship, bearing the Christmas decorations, is coming closer to the island. The party will be here next Friday.

Finally, I was on Wiibob’s site and I saw this post he made. If you go to the Unlock Items Online section, and click “I have a code,” and enter the following code:


…you will receive 500 free coins!

It works for everyone, so obviously the club penguin team is either in a giving mood or they’re experiencing a glitch.

Full credit for that code discovery goes to Wiibob7975.

That’s all guys!




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Rockhopper, Pin, EPF

Posted by Funkytwins on December 8, 2010

I don’t even know what number field op this one is. xD

1. Go to HQ and accept mission

2. Go to cove, stand right next to catalog in water
3. The mission is to do match the symbols. Click the circles to change the shape – if the shape is outlined in green, it’s correct, in yellow, it’s the right shape but wrong spot on the column, and in red, that shape doesn’t belong in the column. It’s tricky but not that hard when you try it.

Also, Rockhopper’s coming!! 🙂 His ship is all green so the Christmas Party will probably be here soon with RH to visit.

And there’s a new pin. It’s Snowflakes, located at the Snow Forts. xP How original 😆

Finally, the next update the site will get will most likely be the Christmas Party. It’s busy and what with the Christmas season and school, it’s unlikely that the site will be updated regularly. Sorry *sigh*

But we have a handy pin widget updated automatically every two weeks 😀 *pokes right sidebar* And don’t forget to check out the sites of other people we know, try the blogroll, there should be some good blogs on there ^.^



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Sliding Glitch! (Discovered by Sledderboy)

Posted by Funkytwins on November 26, 2010

I was on Saka98’s site and saw a post by Sledderboy. Here it is, retold by me:

How to Slide Across the Ground Without Moving Your Feet

1. It’s best to do this in a really big room like the Dock or Snow Forts or something.

2. Stand at the very edge of the room so you have lots of room to slide.

3. Click somewhere, anywhere, just make sure it’s far!

4. Open your newspaper.


6. Haha, behold your penguin as it glides over the floor!

**Other penguins can’t see you do it 😦

** Move your mouse in a circle and your penguin will spin slowly as it slides xD

Neat, right? I tried it and it works! It’s fun.

Thanks Sledderboy!



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Card-Jitsu Water has Arrived!

Posted by Funkytwins on November 25, 2010

Well, I’m not a member, so this is pretty pointless to post about.

I suggest you see Wiibob‘s awesome site about this, he’s a member so he got more stuff about it.

There’s a new video for it too! Click here!

But…well, all I can do is show you some pictures:


Click to enlarge!

It sucks not being a member. Oh my gosh. You do not understand.

You can see my suckish attempt at a Water Suit -.-


Seriously, taking donations for memberships…even ones for only a month count…

xD Lol. I’ll have to go out and buy one.



P.S. Nice job with the LALALALALA’s, Rheddy 😆

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Water Hunt, Sensei!

Posted by Funkytwins on November 17, 2010

There is a lot going on right now, people!

I logged on and it was like WHOA what is this?!?!

Well, Card-Jitsu Water is coming November 25th.

It’s going to be members-only, so get yourself a membership or you will miss out!

First, there is a free Bucket Hat at the Snow Forts.

Secondly, there is a water-themed scavenger hunt. It’s really easy, but here are the cheats: (they’re not in order, I don’t think 😛 sorry)

Snack Shack at Stadium

Odd Mug at Coffee Shop

Surf Hut at the Cove

Random Mug in Book Room 

Green Bucket at the Beach

Fish Bowl at Pet Shop

Glass of Water on Table in Dance Lounge

{No Picture Available}

Fish Decoration on Dojo Roof

That’s it! The prize is a Water Tank Background.

Also, if you go into the Ninja Hideout, there is a hole in the ground and if you’re a member, you can enter it and help construct the Water Dojo! Guess it’s not in the Hidden Lake after all 😳

Well, this sucks, because I’m not a member Dx

And you can meet Sensei and get his background. Look at his suit, it’s all water-like!


There’s also a new login screen.

If anyone is having a contest with a membership as the prize, count me in! Lol.

That’s it, guys! Good luck finding Sensei.


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Pin, Field-Op #22(?), RAIN!

Posted by Funkytwins on November 11, 2010

For the first time ever, we have RAIN on the island!

I do not know how we can have thunder, lightning, and big scary dark clouds without rain but oh well.

Okay, so, first, I would like to say that I would bet all my money that Card-Jitsu Water will be here sometime soon.

In the newspaper, there are several things that talk about ninjas, the most ominous being a quote from Sensei:

Here is a picture montage of me discovering the rain.
(Click to enlarge)



lol look if you mouse over a door while you're in a building you can see the rain outside!

I went back to my igloo...and there was no rain there...umm...

So I changed into my floaties and partied in a puddle.

Don't fall, clumsy!

Zomg look! A pin! At the beach!

And, the EPF’s twenty-second (I think) field-op was issued today.

1. Accept message at HQ.

2. Bring yourself to the Hidden Lake and waddle behind this barrel. The green fart music note is me (you can’t see me so I just did that to make it more noticeable)

3. Click on your spy phone which should be beeping.

4. The mini-game thing is the one where you have to destroy the circuits by matching the shapes. What you do is mouse over the red dot, see what shape it is, and then click it. Then you mouse over the rest of the red dots until you find the matching shape. When you click both matching shapes, the circuit is destroyed. For example, if one red dot is a triangle, I click it and then find the other triangle. I click that and then it pops and is gone, poof. Keep doing that and destroy it all to win. You have a minute to solve – it’s pretty easy.

The yellow line is one that I have already obliterated.

5. Receive medal that you may/may not be able to spend on Elite Gear.

Moving on…*shuffles papers* if I were you, I’d check out the newspaper’s Events section. A lot seems to be going on.

Don’t forget that Madi & Flubby quit ( 😥 ) and Rheddy needs some help with his blog!

See you later,


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Posted by Funkytwins on November 7, 2010

Hey people!

Our good friend Rheddy has come back to life and is requesting some HELP!

He wants to get his site off and running again so he needs people to be authors and such. I think. Right?

Well, we need to make it known he’s back. So, here is a link to his site – advertise responsibly!

Go to his site and help out and talk to him and find out what he needs!

Best of luck Rheddy!


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Field-Op #21 and Other Stuff

Posted by Funkytwins on November 6, 2010

Here’s how to solve the twenty-first week of ridiculosity.

1. Accept field-op at HQ.

2. Waddle over to the computer (still in the HQ.)

3. Click your spy phone – it should be beeping.

4. It’s a new mini-game thing. It’s kind of tricky.

I forgot to take a screenie of while I’m playing the game. xP Sorry.
But they give you these arrows and you click on them in a sequence to send the little bot to red glowing targets. The target is the infected part. There are three of them but you can only send five sequences of arrows…it’s hard at first, it took me a super long time. Just practice.

Also, there are a few hints that ninjas will be tackling the element of water next.

The storm is still hanging around even after the Halloween party.

The sneak peek for November says that if you don’t your ninja mask, you’ll want to earn it soon. (Click to enlarge)

There’s a new login screen, too (Click to enlarge)

I think it’s water, not snow, because there’s that new Hidden Lake thing. Ever since it appeared I thought it would be the water dojo. And in the newspaper, G says that it hasn’t rained before in Club Penguin (hold up – we have dark clouds, thunder, and lighting, but no rain?! Seriously?!?) but that could change.

And the newspaper’s event page says this:

Click to enlarge!!!

Can’t read it?
Well the only important part says to check back on November 19th for a big announcement in the newspaper. Hmm.

So if I were you people, I’d go out and buy a membership for a month – because something interesting’s about to happen.


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Halloween Party!

Posted by Funkytwins on October 29, 2010

Continue reading for Halloween party tips!!

First of all, as far as I know, the storm isn’t any different from last year. Fail.

Here are the directions for the Candy Hunt:

1. Beach
2. Snow Forts
3. Ice Burg
4. Gift Shop
5. Pizza Parlor
6. Ski Lodge
7. Plaza
8.  Lighthouse Beacon

The prize is a Candy Forest Path Background!
You also earn a new Scavenger Hunt Stamp!

There’s a new hat at the Plaza.

They somehow managed to take purple bat wings and make them into a hat. Odd.

There is a members-only room but I don’t have access into it, so, sorry, there’ll be no pictures from there xP

Night of the Living Sled 1, 2, and 3 is playing around the island, and the igloo contest winners were announced in the newspaper.

The party lasts until November 3rd, so enjoy it while you can!

Oh, here are the cheats to Field-Op Number…I dunno, 19? 20? Who cares?

1. Go to HQ and accept G’s message.

2. Go to the Mine and click on the telephone on the table. (The table that’s next to the bulletin board for the Puffle Rescue game)

3. Click your spy phone.

4. It’s the maze game; don’t get zapped by the red things, remember to get the key, don’t forget to recharge your microchip after each time you power up the sets.

That’s all guys!

Have a wonderful Halloween this Sunday!


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Yeah, I know, but hey, what can I do? </3

Posted by Funkytwins on October 24, 2010

Hey beautiful people of our site,

It’s Madi, with some biggggg news.

I’m quitting.

Before you all die of death, I’m not quitting blogging, just CP.  I haven’t been on in at least 6 months and it’s a waste of my money.  I’ve just grown out of it and decided not to drop off the face of the internet earth, but instead just let you guys know that I might not be on very often.

I love you all and this is a really hard decision, but recently anyone on CP I’ve gotten close to has quit or like, died or something.  It’s breaking my heart to write this, since I’m thinking off all the good times I’ve had on CP, and I wish you all the best!

Farewell (from Club Penguin, not blogging) forever,

The amazing, fantabulous, great, and especially lovely,

Madi, Jonaslove456

I know Madi. Haha. I’ve considered quitting too, but I don’t want to directly quit, I just know I can’t go on as often so we’ll leave it like that. Plus the site’s glory days was that one year in sixth grade, and it’s not like we have no good memories. – *JuJu*

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