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Goodbye Everyone

Posted by slippey50833 on March 30, 2017

Crazy that Club Penguin is closing today. Goodbye to everyone who might see this post, it’s been fun even though I haven’t really played for like five years.

Anyone wanna post their favorite memories from the game? Mine are probably all the great people I met and of course the war between the Nachos and ACP (if anyone remembers that).




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Just saying hi (:

Posted by Funkytwins on September 19, 2011

Hey guys-

I’ts Madi.  Wowwwwwww, haven’t been on here for a looooooooong time.  I miss all of you more than life itself</333

I’ve grown out of Club Penguin, grown up a bit, but I still get nostalgic and sniffly whenever I look back on the old pages and see all my old friends who quit who used to comment on here all the time.  I see new people and feel bad they couldn’t have seen Funkytwins when it was in its glory days!  We still love you <3(:

I want you to know no matter what, you will always have a home at Funkytwins.  If you’re someone who quit and wants to come back, if you’re someone new who needs somewhere to go, Funkytwins is here for you.  Always have, always will be.  We really don’t ever come on here- but when we do, we carefully inspect everything that has happened and notice everything and appreciate everyone.  Funkytwins is always a place you can go.  You can always email us too at tigergirl1012@aol.com

I’m gonna go now before I get teary eyed and start crying.  I miss this so much.  5th, 6th, and 7th graders who still play CP- never grow up.  It sucks.  Love being a kid now, because you only get to be it for a very short time once.

And you’ll all be happy to know that Skwirt, JuJu, and I (Madi) are all still the very best of friends. (:

Lots of Love,


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It’s Back!

Posted by Funkytwins on June 22, 2011

Good news everyone, Club Penguin is up and running again.

Yes, I overreacted xD Don’t judge me!

But I hope someone got arrested, or at least fired.

Here’s what happened.

Disney has to pay to keep the domain name clubpenguin.com, and about a week ago they started getting warnings that the name would expire. On the 20th, the site poofed because Disney forgot about it!

What does that tell you about how much Disney cares for us? HMM?

They paid as soon as they found out, it just took awhile to register everywhere that the site was fine again.

I didn’t get a reply to my email, and I doubt I will because if there’s one person who will never admit they’re wrong, it’s the Disney company.

The site itself said that “the domain name had a technical glitch” mhmm.


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Posted by Funkytwins on June 21, 2011


I was going to log onto CP and it’s all weird!!

Here’s a screenie of what I saw –



I’m 120% sure that I did not type the address wrong.

What. Is. Going. On.

In all honesty, yeah, I’ve pretty much stopped going on.
But that doesn’t mean I *never* go on, and when I want to, I expect to be able to.

Somebody is going to get slapped into next year by me if this keeps up. I’m serious. I will find you and apply my favorite slapping-hand to your face.

I emailed CP Support (if it’s even still there) demanding to find out what is going on!!

Even though I’m not active anymore, Club Penguin is still a part of my heart’s most treasured memories. I am not letting it go down without killing someone if necessary.

I will keep you posted!!


P.S. Special shout-out to the people who still comment on here often!! I love you and I’m sorry that no one comes on anymore!

P.P.S. If this is just a glitch I’m gonna be all embarrassed lol

VERY IMPORTANT P.P.P.S. to everyone who has earned anything on the comment and win page, PLEASE comment here and tell us what you’ve earned/what you’re trying to earn!! thanks!

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New Pet Shop, and We’ve Updated the Puffle Guide

Posted by Funkytwins on March 21, 2011

Hey all. 🙂

Here I ams, to post. xP

Okay, first, I have a reminder to Wiibob.

Dude, this is getting ridiculous. It’s almost April, and since October you’ve been saying you’d get the prizes to me next week. I’m getting kind of angry, so please do what you have to do so I can change my password back!! I don’t want to start a fight, man. You owe me either a Coin Code or that thing that would get me a bunch of prizes. I’ve been trying to be as polite as possible. Please comment or email me when you’re actually going to do this!

Moving on, the Pet Shop is all respiffed. Check it out:

Click to enlarge


I’ve circled the important bits…
1. You can take a quiz to see what puffle color you’re most like! (the clipboards)
2. The puffles are fluffier. Have you notice they’re less neat and more furry? 
3. The puffle colors have their own book! (the maroon one)
4. The game, Puffle Roundup (the door)
5. The new crazy game, Puffle Launch (the cannon thing)
6. The puffle supply book has a page where nonmembers can buy cool food, like pizza, and toys if they don’t already have them!! :O (the orange book that says PET SHOP on it) 
7. I’m in the middle :mrgreen:

And I’ve updated the Ultimate Puffle Guide!!! 😀

Well…byes <33


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Puffle Party

Posted by Funkytwins on February 21, 2011

Hi penguins, it’s JuJu!!!

I’m gonna blog about the puffle party!!

Since it’s February, and February is the puffle month, CP is holding its annual Puffle Party!!


At the plaza there are free puffle hats, and each puffle has it’s own different themed room according to its personality.

The Brown Puffle is now available for adoption at the Pet Shop, and it has its own page in the Puffle Handbook and stuff.

Also, I updated the Ultimate Puffle Guide page!

Here’s a picture of the Orange Puffle Room in the box dimension:

COOKIES!!! *om nom nom*

Alright, well, that’s pretty much it!



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THE 411

Posted by Funkytwins on January 30, 2011

wow has it been a long time or what! Well It’s me, skwirt, and HI. Today I was bored at home like any other day and i said what the hay im going to check out funkytwins because well idk i just miss it. When I opened the page I didnt expect post from this week i would expect post from like June last year. When I saw that everybody, especially JuJU, has kept up with this site it shocked me and touched me in a place the world calls the heart. So here I am to explain stuff.

Over the summer It occur to me how I dont find CP as entertaining as I did in the begining of the summer. I just dont no why. And I wish I could of told you guys this but it kinda like just occur to me lol. I mean Its not that I dont like it its just I got bored of it because idk im just tht kinda person(even ask juju and madi) I kinda like abanoded my CP friends, funkytwins friends, and Madi and JuJu(with the site), skwirt621(my cp) and my puffles.

I also noticed tht we 25 thousand hits! THAT UNBELIVABLE! I mean we started this in 2009 and we just came so far with this  website..and hopefully we keep going for a  longer…im just so proud* smiles*

SO i just want to thank a few important people. First i want to thannk JuJu because she stuck with this and believe in it forever and still does. Next i want to thank madi because she has done extremly amount of work and has stuck with this site to even at its breaking point and brought joy to it. NExt I want to thank flubby123456 because she has really inspired me and juju from the beginging. Last but totally not least u guys! I mean the site cant be a site with out u so thankss!

oh yea one last thing..CP. Because wats a CP site without CP. but im thanking the old CP.

FINE. the new one to. thanks disney.

This is definetly not the last time u will here from me, skwirt, okay! I have a few ideas up my sleeve so i hope all is well and i want to thank you for the two years u’ve brought to me and i will be happy as i go into retirement from cp. thanks guys!

tahtah for now,


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It’s Been A Long Time

Posted by Funkytwins on January 23, 2011

It sure has! Almost a month.

Okay, people. Let’s get serious.

This is the beginning of the end. Sorta. That sounds all morbid, but…

Dudes, next year I’m going to HIGH SCHOOL. I’m not going to have time for Club Penguin or blogging any more.

I’m not quitting. I’ve never gonna really “quit,” I’m just going to stop going on. I know that’s basically quitting, but “quit” just doesn’t feel like the right word.

Gahh, you guys don’t understand. CP has a been a part of my life since 6th grade. So many memories! I’m getting all teary. 😥 *sniffle* This is going to sound SO nerdy, but I will always hold Club Penguin in my heart. The old Club Penguin, the one without so much member-craze,the one with the Bunny Bandits, the one with all the chatspeak, the one with all my friends. *furiously pokes friends page* Omg guys, you don’t know how much it hurts to lose contact with all of them, and not just because they’re such dear friends. Really. I’m not joking. 😦

But. That’s what growing up is. And face it – growing up is real, and it sucks royally.

All you young’uns, the ones in 7th grade and under, enjoy this while it lasts! I’m dead serious. Treasure it.

I wish I could go to Neverland, where you’re just happy and playful and you never have to grow up. You don’t have to worry about outgrowing fun games or friends and whatever. Unfortunately, this is planet Earth, not the second star on the right. (Peter Pan reference.)

Maybe I’m just emotional, but like I said, the old cp is so lovely and will always be part of me. Don’t laugh, whoever’s reading this. I’ve had so many experiences here. On the Internet, I can be myself, the nerdy, spazzcake JuJu you all know and, hopefully, love.

My school’s big on 8th grade graduation. We’re picking out a meaningful song and everything. When we sing about goodbyes, I’ll be thinking of funkytwins and cp and all that stuff! Guys, this is so sad.

I’ll never forget playing pirates with Tendeep (aka tenpoop) and Yiney and Flubby. I’ll never forget the Bunny Bandit meets and the ninja obsessions and the commenting contests every other sweet memory I’ve had with you! I can’t list them all, it would take too long.

To be honest, when Flubby quit, that was kind of the first sign of the End of my CP-ness. And when the EPF happened, it sort of challenged me to post weekly, and I was only posting like biweekly, kinda. But, I’ve slipped up, I guess. I’m about four EPF missions behind, which is fine with me because the EPF is just damn stupid. The new CP is getting more and more outrageous! Arrgh!!!! But…my point is, I’ve been slowly disappearing for awhile. I don’t want to just vanish like Annika and Sami and Yiney, just to name a few. I want to at least say goodbye.

It’s so lonely here. I’m the only member of the funkytwins team left, and most of my dearest friends left. Not that I don’t love you guys now! Don’t take that the wrong way. I do love you all, really I do. It just kind of sucks to not have Abbi and Wexfief and the others with me as well.

Oh man. I didn’t want to get all preachy. I’m cryin now, seriously, irl 😥

But, on a more positive note, this is just a warning. I’m not planning on leaving yet, I’m just letting you know that it could – and probably will – happen soon. And when it does, I want you to know that you can ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS contact me. ALWAYS. When that time comes, I’ll make a post giving you my email(s) and my NeoPets account. (I’ve always played on NeoPets, so don’t get all OMGZ JUJUZ DITCHIN UZ FOR SUM OTHUR WEBSITEZ!!! Lol. It’s not for geared towards young kids so that’s why I go on it a lot. It’s kind of complicated to explain, sorry 😐 )

And now, let’s post like the good old days!

I REALLY don’t want to have to go over the whole Wilderness Expedition again. I already went thru it once without taking any screenies XD fail. So here’s a link that will tell you everything you need to know about it. (All credit goes to Cena12121 and Team Club Penguin Cheats!!!)

I’ll summarize it, though.
You go through this maze and solve this machine and ride down a barrel and build a boat. (Members-only alert!) Then you go to buy a life jacket – a mere 50 coins, right? WRONG. It’s only a mere 50 coins if you’re a member. !!! Memberships never fail to piss me off. Moving on, if you’re a member you buy the life jacket and ride across the water into a cave where there’s a bunch of brown puffles! Aww so cute. They’re all smart and intelligent and clever and suchlike. But you can only adopt one. (Lol that’s okay with me, I only like having one puffle for each color.) Then you continue in your normal CP life.

But here ARE some screenies I took near the end of the expedition, just because I felt like it!


Yay! I did it!!!


The barrel took me to some place. My reaction: Whaaat...?

Way to get all the nonmembers' hopes up!!!! YOU DON'T DO THAT!!! GAHHH!!


Can anything cheer me up now??

I think this dashing new hat can!

Pardon the bad editing, lol.

K guys, I’m off for now. This isn’t the End. Not yet, and when the End comes, like I said, I will always be available to talk to. I check both emails and NeoPets frequently – like, every two days at least. Don’t worry. I may be leaving soon, but I’ll still be here.


P.S. – When that Day comes, I’ll post my emails, Neopets, everything xD Just don’t stalk me. Or else. Also, I’ll pop in often to post and say hi, whether or not I go on CP.

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Rockhopper Tracker

Posted by Funkytwins on December 17, 2010

NOTE: This post is sticky, scroll down to read other posts!

Rockhopper is here, and of course *everyone* wants to meet him. I’m lucky enough to say I have met him many times. He’s a pretty cool guy – but the crowds of penguins desperate to see him aren’t so cool, and it’s wicked hard to find him. This tracker ought to help you out.

Rockhopper Tracker

Flubby *bows head* provided this tracker (no she didn’t invent it!) and the code to it. We just used to code to post the tracker. Here’s the HTML:

<a href=”http://clubpenguincp.com/trackers/rockhopper/&#8221; title=”Rockhopper Tracker”><img src=”http://clubpenguintrackers.com/rockhopper.png&#8221; alt=”Rockhopper Tracker”></img></a>

Now, I still don’t trust trackers very much. But this one seems to operate pretty well. It’s not always right, but it works real nice as trackers go. I’d say its 90% accurate, which is good enough for most people.

See our Well-Known Penguin page for tips about Rockhopper!

Good luck dealing with the crowds around him! And I’m sure you’ll all hate that Sorry this room is currently full sign after a few tries. But don’t give up.


P.S. Refresh this post every so often to see where he is going next!!!!

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Christmas Party, Rockhopper, Pin and EPF 27!

Posted by Funkytwins on December 17, 2010

The Holiday Party is here! Yayyyyyy!

The biggest part of the Christmas Party is always Coins for Change. These little cauldrons are located practically everywhere.

You can donate 100, 500, 800, or 5000 coins to either Building Safe Places, Protecting the Earth, and Providing Medical Care. You earn a stamp for Volunteer when you donate 100 coins, and a stamp for Top Volunteer for donating 5000 coins. I’m going to donate a lot to each cause. I’m glad that CP has a giving-thing to do over Christmas, because kids these days are hooked on getting stuff.

If you don’t know what Coins for Change is…
Coins for Change is when penguins donate coins to worthy charities. The amount of donations each single charity gets decides how much of $1,000,000 (one million US dollars) the Disney’s Club Penguin donates to each one. For example. If Building Safe Places gets 200,000 coins, Protecting the Earth gets 250,000 coins, and Providing Medical Care gets 300,000 coins, then Providing Medical Care will get the most amount of money. Get it? It’s kind of confusing. But you can decide which should get how much money…it’s hard to choose though, because all of the charities are great.

Moving on, they brought back the Reindeer Antlers, located at the Ski Village.

There’s a new pin, a Snow Globe, at the Dock *pokes sidebar*

Rockhopper is here as well!!!! I have a tracker posted in the sticky. The Free Item is a Globe Hat, and the member stuff is Coins for Change items. There is also a Coins for Change background, too, for 60 coins, available to nonmembers as well.

There is also a new room too. It’s not much but a giant Christmas tree so tall you can only see the bottom branches. I dunno if they’ll take it down after the party or what. You can enter this room (When it’s loading, it says: Loading ??? because if you walk onto the Dock it will say Loading Dock with the spinning arrows.) You can enter this ??? room by an alternate path either in the Town or the Plaza. It’s not on the map, but I think it’s in front of the Snow Forts or something.

Click to Enlarge

On the Night Club Roof there’s a members-only game. It’s a sledding thing, I did it last year and I think you just have to drop the presents in the chimneys and you win a prize. They might have changed it but I’m assuming it’s pretty easy.

And EPF Field-Op #27 came out today!

1. Go to HQ to accept mission

2. Go to Ski Village and waddle to the Tour Guide Booth

3. Match the symbols. Click on the circles in the column to turn them into to different shapes. If the circle is outlined in green, it’s right. Don’t change it. If it’s outlined in red, it’s wrong, that shape doesn’t appear at all in the puzzle. If it’s outlined in yellow, it means that it is the right shape but in the wrong location.

Ta daaaaa

On December 20-30, you can send/receive a Gift Postcard. When you open it, you get a gift. Last year it was a Christmas-y colored stocking cap.

Well, I think that’s all. Enjoy the festivities! Don’t forget to give.


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