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Sliding Glitch! (Discovered by Sledderboy)

Posted by Funkytwins on November 26, 2010

I was on Saka98’s site and saw a post by Sledderboy. Here it is, retold by me:

How to Slide Across the Ground Without Moving Your Feet

1. It’s best to do this in a really big room like the Dock or Snow Forts or something.

2. Stand at the very edge of the room so you have lots of room to slide.

3. Click somewhere, anywhere, just make sure it’s far!

4. Open your newspaper.


6. Haha, behold your penguin as it glides over the floor!

**Other penguins can’t see you do it 😦

** Move your mouse in a circle and your penguin will spin slowly as it slides xD

Neat, right? I tried it and it works! It’s fun.

Thanks Sledderboy!




7 Responses to “Sliding Glitch! (Discovered by Sledderboy)”

  1. wiibob7975 said


  2. slush7557 said

    omg juju when i see the funkytwins pic thing when u guys comment it makes me want tht bagel on the crazy stuff to don on cp page so badly! BLIMEY GIVE ME A FRIGGIN BAGEL AND NOBODEY GETS HURT!ps did u guys see the new harry potter move i want to see it and uh well were so lucky at my school we get to do a book report on harry potter book not to mention any harry potter book of our choice wow this is a long ps note. pps IF U DONT GET ME A DSI IPAD OR A NEW CELL PHONE FOR CHRISTMAS I WILL SHOOT A HOBO THEN GO DIG A HOLE FOR DISNEY TO FALL IN AND THEN BE LUAGHED AND BE CALLED FAILS THEN IL THROW MANURE IN THE HOLE AND SHOOT THEM SO THEY DIE! *pants* *pants* this pozt and yes i spelled post with a z ~Slush7557~

  3. Sledderboy said

    thank you for linking this to my site. I didnt discover it. I just learnt how to do it myself with no oter sites telling me what to do. ( other than that wiibob always tries to bring me down )

  4. lol that is fun *makes a sneaky look* im back 4 now

  5. Samimimima said


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