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Pin, Field-Op #22(?), RAIN!

Posted by Funkytwins on November 11, 2010

For the first time ever, we have RAIN on the island!

I do not know how we can have thunder, lightning, and big scary dark clouds without rain but oh well.

Okay, so, first, I would like to say that I would bet all my money that Card-Jitsu Water will be here sometime soon.

In the newspaper, there are several things that talk about ninjas, the most ominous being a quote from Sensei:

Here is a picture montage of me discovering the rain.
(Click to enlarge)



lol look if you mouse over a door while you're in a building you can see the rain outside!

I went back to my igloo...and there was no rain there...umm...

So I changed into my floaties and partied in a puddle.

Don't fall, clumsy!

Zomg look! A pin! At the beach!

And, the EPF’s twenty-second (I think) field-op was issued today.

1. Accept message at HQ.

2. Bring yourself to the Hidden Lake and waddle behind this barrel. The green fart music note is me (you can’t see me so I just did that to make it more noticeable)

3. Click on your spy phone which should be beeping.

4. The mini-game thing is the one where you have to destroy the circuits by matching the shapes. What you do is mouse over the red dot, see what shape it is, and then click it. Then you mouse over the rest of the red dots until you find the matching shape. When you click both matching shapes, the circuit is destroyed. For example, if one red dot is a triangle, I click it and then find the other triangle. I click that and then it pops and is gone, poof. Keep doing that and destroy it all to win. You have a minute to solve – it’s pretty easy.

The yellow line is one that I have already obliterated.

5. Receive medal that you may/may not be able to spend on Elite Gear.

Moving on…*shuffles papers* if I were you, I’d check out the newspaper’s Events section. A lot seems to be going on.

Don’t forget that Madi & Flubby quit ( 😥 ) and Rheddy needs some help with his blog!

See you later,



One Response to “Pin, Field-Op #22(?), RAIN!”

  1. who else is left on the team

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