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Halloween Party!

Posted by Funkytwins on October 29, 2010

Continue reading for Halloween party tips!!

First of all, as far as I know, the storm isn’t any different from last year. Fail.

Here are the directions for the Candy Hunt:

1. Beach
2. Snow Forts
3. Ice Burg
4. Gift Shop
5. Pizza Parlor
6. Ski Lodge
7. Plaza
8.  Lighthouse Beacon

The prize is a Candy Forest Path Background!
You also earn a new Scavenger Hunt Stamp!

There’s a new hat at the Plaza.

They somehow managed to take purple bat wings and make them into a hat. Odd.

There is a members-only room but I don’t have access into it, so, sorry, there’ll be no pictures from there xP

Night of the Living Sled 1, 2, and 3 is playing around the island, and the igloo contest winners were announced in the newspaper.

The party lasts until November 3rd, so enjoy it while you can!

Oh, here are the cheats to Field-Op Number…I dunno, 19? 20? Who cares?

1. Go to HQ and accept G’s message.

2. Go to the Mine and click on the telephone on the table. (The table that’s next to the bulletin board for the Puffle Rescue game)

3. Click your spy phone.

4. It’s the maze game; don’t get zapped by the red things, remember to get the key, don’t forget to recharge your microchip after each time you power up the sets.

That’s all guys!

Have a wonderful Halloween this Sunday!



3 Responses to “Halloween Party!”

  1. Rheddy said

    I just finished reading them ALL!!! And um…….Fixed some errors (XD)

  2. awww i missed that party too i think

  3. nevermind i didnt miss it wow i have a bad memmory

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