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Yeah, I know, but hey, what can I do? </3

Posted by Funkytwins on October 24, 2010

Hey beautiful people of our site,

It’s Madi, with some biggggg news.

I’m quitting.

Before you all die of death, I’m not quitting blogging, just CP.  I haven’t been on in at least 6 months and it’s a waste of my money.  I’ve just grown out of it and decided not to drop off the face of the internet earth, but instead just let you guys know that I might not be on very often.

I love you all and this is a really hard decision, but recently anyone on CP I’ve gotten close to has quit or like, died or something.  It’s breaking my heart to write this, since I’m thinking off all the good times I’ve had on CP, and I wish you all the best!

Farewell (from Club Penguin, not blogging) forever,

The amazing, fantabulous, great, and especially lovely,

Madi, Jonaslove456

I know Madi. Haha. I’ve considered quitting too, but I don’t want to directly quit, I just know I can’t go on as often so we’ll leave it like that. Plus the site’s glory days was that one year in sixth grade, and it’s not like we have no good memories. – *JuJu*


7 Responses to “Yeah, I know, but hey, what can I do? </3”

  1. JuJu said

    Lol I understrand. I’m personally not going to quit yet, just not go on as often, because it’s starting to bore me too. xP

  2. Slush7557 said

    well bye madi sorta since i have never met u on cp well bye sorta since again u arent quiting

  3. Rheddy said

    Hay Juju can I make 1 post on Flubby’s site? It has a few advertisements but I really need it!!! Please it would help me very much and ill never ask again (hopefully)!!!

  4. Ashley Di said

    Yay, at least your not quiting blogging 😀 I’m thinking about quiting club penguin and club penguin blogging because cp is getting kind of boring. But when I do quit, I made way to many great virtual friends to quit so i’m just going to make a sight where I post random things when I feel like it =P

    ~Ashley Di

  5. kayla29336 said


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