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Posted by Funkytwins on September 26, 2010

Like literally! Not just “thinking about it” but THE REAL DEAL, ELMO!


Okay, first, I must say something.

I know, believe me I know, it’s hard to stay an active computerer with school and stuff. And I now Disney is ruining CP and that it’s not as fun as before. However, there are many things to blog about other than CP.

So, please please please go here and comment as much as you can to tell Flubby that  SHE CANT QUIT!

Quitting CP is one thing, but quitting blogging is another. If you quit both, there’s no way to stay in touch.
I don’t want to lose contact with my Flubbmonkey forever.

And she left the site in my possession. If she really does quit, I am going to leave it quiet and empty because I just won’t be able to do two blogs with only Madi to help, and the rest of my Internet life (because I’m a geek like that xD ), and my real life beyond the computer. So..yeah.

HURRY!!!! Convince Flubby to stay!


PS – Wiibob to asked be upgraded. He didn’t even say goodbye. I thought it was kind of rude so I yelled at him, and he said he’s sorry. 🙂


3 Responses to “FLUBBY IS QUITTING!”

  1. wiibob7975 said

    Thanks for meaning so nice. I realized what I did and I was wrong. I was a jerk, I was stupid, I was mean.

  2. slush7557 said

    i rlly dont want u to leave ps im home sick again from school i get sick to much

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