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Field-Op #15, New Login Screen, Team Color Poll Colors Revealed

Posted by Funkytwins on September 22, 2010

This EPF is failing yet AGAIN, and only more so now that I’ve realized the field-ops come out on Monday. They tell us Wednesday. Well that is not correct.


1. Go to HQ and accept thingadingding.

Click to Enlarge

2. Go to the Lighthouse and waddle on over to the green buoy — G actually gave us a decent clue!!!!! 😀

3. Your EPF phone should be spazzing so click on it. It’s the minigame where you have to match the data chip to the firewall.

Time yourself carefully, 10 matches beats the game!

Once you’ve done that, you win a medal that you may or may not be able to spend on EPF Gear.

Moving on.
What else is new that’s happened?
*ruffles papers* *peers at title of post*

Oh yes, the Login Screen.

It's about the Jet Pack Adventure Stamps, featuring the green puffle! (Click to Enlarge)

And now, for an actually interesting updatificationmonizer, Billybob has revealed the team color poll’s team colors!
That sentence probably didn’t make sense but THAT’S OKAY!

Click to enlarge! Which option did you choose? Did it match the team you're already a part of?

Hey…did anyone else notice the team colors’s personalities match those of the puffle colors’ personalities? Like the Green Puffle and The Grean Team like to play Jet Pack Adventure and they’re funny. The Red Puffles and the Red Team are competitive and loud and sportsy. And the Blue Puffles and the Blue Team  are loyal, friendly and love to party. And the Yellow Puffles and the Yellow Team are pretty artsy-fartsy.

Do you think they’ll eventually make a team for every single puffle color?  What’s your favorite puffle color, regardless of the team color personality things? Mine’s green.

The Showdown at the Stadium starts Friday the 24th – maybe it will be like August 2008’s race around the island thingy with the medal as a prize? What do you think???

Until then…waddle backwards!



8 Responses to “Field-Op #15, New Login Screen, Team Color Poll Colors Revealed”

  1. slippey50833 said

    cool! my favorite color is blue! btw nice layout

  2. JuJu said

    I see. 😦 I still wish you hadn’t quit…but, at least you came to say hi 😀

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