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Field-Op #14, Team Color Poll, Upcoming Stadium Showdown

Posted by Funkytwins on September 17, 2010

Three and a half months of constant smelly field-ops later and this is getting


1. Accept Field-Op at HQ.

2. Go to the tippity tip top of the ice berg.

3. Click on your Spy Phone which should be beeping and blinking green.

4. Maneuver your microchip to power up the other chipsets; avoid the red zappers and don’t forget to collect the key and to recharge your microchip each time.

Click to Enlarge

And now, on a slightly more exciting note, the Club Penguin Team of Stupid Moderators have posted a poll!!

(They call it a quiz. That’s grammatically incorrect.)

It asks you which team color you are: Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow.

Wait, hold up — did somebody just say YELLOW?!??

Why, yes! I did just say yellow.

Wowza! I did not know there was such a team! *exaggerated surprised face*

Neither have I until a few moments ago, kind sir!

It was not even brought to my attention that green was an official team color!

I agree, Monsieur! The green team clothings have been in the catalog but it was never truly real!


Click to Enlarge!

Just read the little blurb beneath the silhouette penguin, find out which is most like you, and choose that option on the side!

Right now (Sept. 16, 6:00 PST) it looks most people are Option A — funny, cool, and adventurous.

JuJu chose Option C — loyal, and loves to party. I’m a Blue Team member but maybe those choices are not the same?

I guess we’ll find out which blurb goes with which color when they post in a few days!

For now, tell us — what Option did you pick? And the older penguin — what color are you, Red or Blue? (For the newer penguins, Red, Blue, or Green?)

And look at what was in the Penguin Times today:

Click to Enlarge!

The picture makes me think that Option A is Red,  Option B is Blue, Option C is Green, and Option D is Yellow.

And this was in the newspaper too (it’s probably bad news for nonmembers)

They better not mess with Cart Surfer. It’s my all time favorite game besides Dance Contest.

So what do you think, peoples? Comment and tell us about the Showdown at the Stadium!

Oh yeah, we should probably explain what that is.

Well, starting Friday the 24th Yellow will be an official team color. And so starts the Showdown at the Stadium. So far, exactly what that showdown will be like is unknown.

Waddle on guys!



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