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This Post Has No Title

Posted by Funkytwins on September 6, 2010

It has no title.

Ha. Sorry. I was bored.

Anyways. So today I was on club penguin, and I realized I forgot something about the Fall Fair!!!

There are two more games on the Beach called Puffle Shuffle and Ring the Bell.

I do not suggest playing them because Puffle Shuffle is hard and Ring the Bell is stupid – at most you get 25 tickets.

But, do whatever you want to get tickets, it’s just my opinion!!! Just play to your strengths, as Barty Crouch Jr. said.

And then, I wanted to get the new background/stamp for Rockhopper, so I went to Flubby’s site to get the tracker.

I’m personally still a tracker skeptic, but this one works pretty good. If you’re looking for a tracker, use this one:

Everyone screams, “100% Foolproof Bot-Driven Rockhopper Tracker!! Automatically Updated! Never Fails!”

It’s more like 92.5% accurate. So be careful. It’s still pretty good though.

Flubby has a few on her site from March and June and all those months ago 😉

Anyway, so I was trying to get into the Cove on Shiver because that’s what the above tracker said and the Cove was full. It was super hard to get in and all the rooms were clogged full of penguins up until the Snow Forts. My computer bleeped and I see a new stamp – the Rockhopper stamp. I couldn’t see Rockhopper at all though, but all of a sudden, he comes bursting in yelling, “TOOT PARADE!!!” followed by eight billion farting penguins. You better believe I joined them! We farted all around the Island until he had to leave. It was fun even though it only lasted two minutes.

Screenie Time!
Click to Enlarge!
Sorry I had my computer on low definition to make it load faster!

Good luck everyone!!!!!



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