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Fall Fair and Rockhopper

Posted by Funkytwins on September 3, 2010

Click on all the pictures to make them bigger!

Rockhopper has arrived, and with him he brought the rest of the decorations for the Fall Fair!!

It’s so cool!

His ship is docked at the Beach as always, and the free item is, believe it or not, actually NOT a smelly background!

It’s all a snowy magician theme, for some reason. And the curtain has been in the Igloo catalog before.

And here are the prizes for the Fair:

There will be prizes coming soon!!!

And there are game booths scattered throughout the Beach, Snow Forts, Forest, and Cove.

The Forest holds Puffle Paddle and the Prize Booth.
If you go to the Snow Forts, there will be a path that says “More Games This Way!” These 2 games are Puffle Soaker & Balloon Pop. I think this room was members-only last year.

The game on the Beach is the Memory Card Game. And Rockhopper's ship is there.

The Cove holds Feed-a-Puffle.

There's actually 2 new stamps. This one is to stand by a snack booth and use any food emoticon.

The other stamp is to hit 50 "targets" at a "task" during a party. Assuming that meant a game, I just fed 50 of these puffles and got the stamp.

My tip to earn tickets is to play Puffle Paddle and only bounce the first blue puffle. When another puffle comes down, bounce it a few times to increase the blue puffle’s bounce value. So say if every bounce, the blue puffle earns two tickets, bounce another puffle once or twice, and the blue puffle will earn you three tickets.

If you don’t like Puffle Paddle, do Feed-a-Puffle. It’s fun and easy, you just have to be careful because each puffle catches the O-berries differently. The other games have a really bad ticket ratio. I don’t get Balloon Pop at all, Puffle Soaker is okay, and the Memory Card Game only gets you like 50 tickets.

Enjoy the Fair, and good luck finding Rockhopper. Remember that now you can get a Stamp for being in the same room as Rockhopper!



3 Responses to “Fall Fair and Rockhopper”

  1. Madi said


  2. slush7557 said

    its radical i love it its my first fall fair even though ive had a acount forever. but yea its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. theclubpenguincode said

    Can you come to my party in an hour or so, and can I be added to your Blogroll?

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