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Um, Glitch?

Posted by Funkytwins on August 30, 2010

Total and complete credit for this new info obviously goes to who else but the splendiferous Miss Ashley DI.

So I was at Ash’s site and found out there was this weird glitch thingymabob!!!

Check it out!!!

Just before Dance Contest is fully loaded, this happens:


First, before I tell you anything about it, take this into account:

~ We’re not good at editing, so, sorry of the plastering of our name all over a screenie failed.

~ We usually do not do plaster our names all over screenies.

~ Actually this is our first time plastering our names all over a screenie.

~ We plastered our name ALL OVER that screenie because, heck, it was HARD to time it right and then to push the right button and blah like that.

Okay. Now that you know that we sort of are sorry for plastering our name over that screenie, we will inform you about it.

So, the speech bubble says:

This example test I have put it on three lines not a good haiku

This example text
I have put it on three lines
Not a good haiku

(A haiku is short, three-line poem, and the first line usually has 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables, and the third line 5 syllables )

Weird, right? WEIRDER:

The first one is like the scores in the members competition mode. The penguin’s usernames and their scores appear on the side.

The second screenie says “This is a menu item!” where the menu for dance contest would be.

Ashley is totally confused – it might be a hack, or a glitch, or maybe CP did that on purpose?

I think it’s just a glitch or something, but who knows?

All we know for sure is that someone posted that example text in three lines and they’re disappointed in their poetry.

We don’t know who, and we don’t know why.

REMEMBER TO GO HERE: www.theclubpenguinstar.wordpress.com AND READ ASHLEY’S VIEW ON IT!

What do you guys think? Comment and tell us!!



8 Responses to “Um, Glitch?”

  1. Madi said

    thats really weird… maybe its something off one of those test servers, the onees that actually might not exist xD and it accidentadly got on this server?

  2. slush7557 said

    madi ur on cool

  3. I enjoy plastering my name over the screen xD Its enjoyable… 😉

    ~Ashley Di

  4. slush7557 said

    lol ur right it is fun ive done it on photo shop

  5. Pickled Underwear said

    It shows up on the normal Sensei and the Fire Sensei too, and it makes sense because he speaks in haikus

  6. slush7557 said

    mine thx.

  7. slush7557 said

    wait pickles oh yea it is sweet.

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