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Fall Fair & Rockhopper Coming, Field-Op #12, School for the Team :(

Posted by Funkytwins on August 30, 2010

The twelfth field-op has arrived. I am hoping they will stop at fifteen.

Maybe we should email cp and tell them that their field-ops suck and the old PSA was better!!!

Behold the guide to the 12th Fail of Penguins:

Get it? Like the 12th Day of Christmas? Harhar.

1. Accept field-op.

Click to Enlarge

2. Go to the DANGEROUS CLOCK TOWER OF DOOM at the Snow Forts.

2:22, make a wish!

3.  Follow these tips for the mini-game thing —

~ Avoid the red things that will zap you.

~ Remember to recharge.

~ Get the key.

☝ Click to Enlarge the Above Photos ☝

4. Spend medal on Elite Gear if you are a member, nonmembers get the pointless ear thing.

On a more exciting note, this Friday brings with us Rockhopper and the Fall Fair!!


I did some thinking and screenying and found some possible prizes!

Oh wait. For the penguin newbies, here is what the Fall Fair is all about:

~ Play at game booths to earn tickets.

~ Spend tickets at prize booth for prizes.

~ REMEMBER: If you earn any you must spend them before you log out! When you log out, your tickets are immediately canceled. For example, if I made 726 tickets and logged out, when I logged back in, my ticket count is back at 0.

Anyway. The items outlined in blue are completely new possible prizes, and the ones outlined in lavender are ones from previous years they might bring back.

Click to Enlarge!!

Click to Enlarge!!!

Looks like we will be getting some very attractive hats, and a mustache, and some cotton candy/candy apples. We might be getting a jackhammer as well, but maybe not because there’s only four days left for preparations. But who knows?

Members, you will be able to join the Puffle Circus, which is absolutely nothing special unless they spiffed it up from last year. I know from experience. It’s kind of cute to see them dive into pools and juggle but apart from that, it’s not that good.

And of course, Rockhopper will grace the island with his presence on the 3rd!

Don’t forget to check out our Well-Known Penguins page for some tips and facts about this old pirate penguin!

And now, I would like all of our friends and fans to listen




Well, reading. Whatever.

Be more intent. Feel the pixels of this screen burning into your brain and understand what we are about to say.

Starting on 31st of August (shame on whoever decided to start school that early), the Funkytwins Team goes back to school.

😥 😥 😥 😥 <– That’s all of us crying.

Rest assured that we do not like our school in the least. But, here comes 8th grade people, which means entrance exams, homework, algebra, geo-homes, crazy teachers…

All in all, it will be very time-consuming, and we no longer have the free summer days to blog.

But know that we will try as hard as we can to keep updating. We will try to post at least once a week, which isn’t much less than what we do already, so it won’t be too bad.

And we completely understand if the site sort of quiets down and less people come to visit.

But, we will NOT stand for this site going completely dead like it did last year.

We’ll throw parties for holidays! We’ll have more Bunny Bandit meetings! We will stay alive!

Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive!

Love that song.

And now, JuJu ends this post. Peace.



4 Responses to “Fall Fair & Rockhopper Coming, Field-Op #12, School for the Team :(”

  1. Madi said

    I would love to read the rest, but the pixels burned into my skin and made me go blind :/ dammnnn.

  2. You think the 31st is early?! I started school 2 weeks ago! 😦 Talk about a short summer…

    ~Ashley Di

  3. slush7557 said

    me to

  4. theclubpenguincode said

    Can you come to meine party? Please try to if you can! 😉

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