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EPF Field-OP #11 and Other Updates

Posted by Funkytwins on August 24, 2010

Well, more EPF crap.


Mkay, heres how the Field-Op Number 11 works.

1. Go the HQ to accept the message. G wants you to fix some speaker.

2. Go to the Lighthouse and click the tiniest speaker tucked away in the corner.

I thought it would be in the Night Club xD

3. It’s the circuits thing where you need to match the stuff to the other stuff.

This gets stupider and stupider every week.

You earn a medal, members can spend it on Elite Gear, nonmembers can buy an Earpiece.

But, good news for members. *yawns again* There’s a new Tactical section of Elite Gear.

Click to Enlarge

“Tactical” as in “tactic” as in “strategy” so if you put it all together, it basically still means “Agent.”

Billybob vocabulary fail.

If you go to the HQ with like twenty people in it, the TV screen by the table

(which acts like a member’s igloo furniture TV with different settings – soap opera, weather, etc)

will show a weird video. Here are some screengrabs from that slideshow thing.

This is from Flubby's site - credit to Wiibob - because everyone kept talking and their speech bubbles covered up the screen so I couldn't get a good shot.

Strange, indeed.

What do you think the arrows are pointing to?

The first picture shows some teleport thingies around the island at the Everyday Phoning Facility, Beach, and the Cove. But I went there, and saw no teleporters. Weird? Look.

Yup. Maybe you need more people in the room for the teleporters to work? Or maybe it’s members-only like the new Tactical Elite Gear?

Oh yeah, while I was on Flubby’s site, Wiibob posted that EPF = Elite Penguin Force AND Everyday Phoning Facility.

And, I discovered that the Facility's logo is shaped like the EPF logo.

I’m totally sick of the EPF. The field-ops are so boring. Having them every single week just ruins the effect. It should be the PSA’s old missions, the big ones that take you hours to master and come out six months or more apart. I never though missing the good old days would apply to a computer game. xP

That’s it for now, guys! Bye!!!



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