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So I took a page from JuJu’s book….

Posted by Funkytwins on August 13, 2010

Psst… read the post below, too!

So I took a page a from JuJu’s book and sent CP an email.  Here’s what I sent-

Dear CP Support-

Why is everything suddenly revolving around members?  I understand that Club Penguin needs money and has to have support from members to make new features, but don’t you think its a little extreme to disinclude members from things like the mountain expedition, and some parties?  Non-members can’t even meet Cadence, since you blocked that off for members only! 
What’s wrong with not paying??? Can’t you see that we’re sick of this?
And here’s what I got back-
*crickets sound*

Still waiting!  I’ll keep you posted



6 Responses to “So I took a page from JuJu’s book….”

  1. Funkytwins said


    Anyways, yeah, if we get a lot of people to do this maybe they will realize their stupidity!

  2. Madi said


    We believe that every penguin deserves to play in a fun and safe environment.
    Club Penguin is all about players building a great community and meeting new
    friends to waddle around with.

    In order to keep making cool new things for every penguin, we require a source
    of funding. Most websites use advertisements, which we do not believe our users
    should be subjected to. In order to keep Club Penguin advertisement free, we
    decided to offer a special membership package. This is an available option for
    any player who is interested in experiencing everything that Club Penguin has to

    With all of the help from our members, we are able to provide many exciting
    aspects of the game to all players. From amazing parties and mini-games to free
    items for any penguin to collect, there is something for everyone to get
    involved in!

    Your feedback will certainly be taken into consideration. For now, please feel
    free to let us know if you have any additional questions or comments. We are
    always here and happy to help.


    Club Penguin Support

    thats what I got back :/ basically the same thing you did. i think its an automatic response system

  3. JuJu said

    me too….disney is so annoying

  4. JuJu said


  5. jack said

    OH MY goddess we need a new cool website forget about Disney find a new nice fun cool website don’t just stand there playing club penguin do something fun,and to help you guys i will try to write a convincing e-mail to club penguin about all members stuff.

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