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The Mountain Expedition

Posted by Funkytwins on August 12, 2010

Go to the Ski Hill and enter through the archway.

There’s a free hat.

Members, there’s a little supply catalog, I couldn’t find any secret items in it.

And right now, my dearest wish is to kick Billybob right where it counts, because:


Good luck members, I can’t help you.


P.S. – Being angry helps me think. And, methinks this might be the start of Card-Jitsu Snow.

P.P.S – I sent a reply to Erika. ~Click To Enlarge~

And some guy Matthew replied within ten minutes (eh, you gotta hand it to Disney for a fast response.)

Well, his reply tells us two things.

1. He didn’t read the other emails – if he had, he wouldn’t have had to tell me about how they had released the stamps for all penguins to enjoy and about how the members pay to play and deserve certain benefits.

2. They lie – or at least stretch the truth. If they think all penguins are equal, they’ve got a quite a way of showing it.

On the upside, he quit speaking to me like a five-year-old and makes a bit of sense. Matthew still bugs me, but at least it’s not Erika again, am I right?


14 Responses to “The Mountain Expedition”

  1. Gosh they keep going back to stamps and how non-members can get them too. GRR ERIKA AND MATTHEW.

    ~Ashley Di

  2. Dude they don’t hate free penguins. They need money. If they don’t get money you wont be able to play club penguin in the first place. Be smart and think first dude because obviously your flipping out on something that you can answer your self if you think and don’t be stupid about it.

    • Madi said

      First of all ‘DUDE’ call JuJu stupid again and see what happens.

      Second of all, we know club penguin needs money, but that doesn’t mean every little thing that they do has to be member-focused. They obviously hate non-members because they think we’re cheap or losers or something.

      And last of all, go away.

    • JuJu said

      Do you think that we don’t understand that? Judging from the fact we’ve never seen you here before, you’re either a lurker or you’re new, and you probably haven’t read the rest of the posts that explain how we know that members pay for the privileges!!! DUH!! But, they’re going a bit extreme, you know? We just don’t want our lovely club penguin to only be for people who pay. How about you think, and think about how some people are poorish (because if theyre really poor they wont have a computer) and might not be able to pay and think it’s unfair. And, most of the people who play on CP are kids under the age of twelve, and therefore rather stupid, so they might think that it’s unfair too. I am used to the old CP when this crap didn’t happen and I am upset because of the fact that so many things are being turned in member-mania. And yeah, I am flipping out, glad you noticed. Now shoo.
      Madi says- So put that in your juice box and suck it, Silver24shil.

  3. Its like theyre telling us, Ooh! We made a new feature for everybody!
    Everybody: But almost every stamp is members only.

  4. JuJu said

    Exactly, man!!! This is so stupid!

    they don’t understand

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