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Club Penguin’s Excuse for Memberfying the Games

Posted by Funkytwins on August 11, 2010

Hey everyone, I emailed the CP team complaining about how they screwed up the games.

(Feel free to do that yourself.)

I got a reply, and they spoke to me like I was five years old.

Here is what I said to them:

Click To Enlarge!!

When they replied it got all messed up so here is a rough translation —

Dudes! The stamps are fun and all, but why did you ruin some of the games for nonmembers??????

Catchin’ Waves – nonmembers can only take a lesson (oh how fun) and do freestyle. that’s not that bad, but two weeks ago nonmembers could do survival and competition, which is really fun! especially since now you made it a real competition, like dance contest!
Jet Pack Adventure – level ONE. the FIRST level is ALL nonmembers can do? WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT? Seriously! Now some people will never be able to finish!
Aqua Grabber – you took away a whole half of the game. I dont know what to say except that you just ruined the half of the game that was more exciting.
Thin Ice – level ten? really? one third of what used to be, is all that now remains? what is going on here, people??now some people will never finish that either.
Astro Barrier – another one that nonmembers will never be know what happens at the end. FIVE LEVELS? That’s IT? How is that fun, especially for the people who were used to what you COULD do before this happened?

Okay, now you know that I know what I’m talking about, so…

Look at it this way.I know that members pay to play and the “deserve” (*cough* paid for) clothes and igloos. I know you say that they use money to help the site. But, secret members-only rooms were pushing it, but ruining the games just…I wish I could think with your brains and understand why you did that too nonmembers. this is getting crazy. come on, see sense! nonmembers are going to have no reason to play – the games screwed up, no clothes except free items, exclusion from rooms, no cool igloos, a generous (that was sarcastic) choice between the two plainest colors of the puffles? And even they are an ex-member, they cant keep any of the member items – not even the free items from members only parties – except the puffles? (I am thankful for the puffles, though.)

I really think it’s unfair that you made something new that I thought would be fun and then destroyed the experience for nonmembers. At least two thirds of the stamps are exclusive to members. I don’t like (not that you’d care what I, a humble ex-member, likes) how you made something awesome just to make it less awesome than normal for nonmembers.  I’d rather you took all the stamps away and fixed the games than make a new pin-like item and half the games gone.

Alright, I hope you read the whole thing and didn’t just skim it. Because I want to ask you to explain. What made you think to ruin to some of the games for stamps? (That question wasn’t supposed to be snarky or rude. I just want to know. Why did you decide to do that? Any reason? Please tell me.)

Please reply!! 😦

– 11 Oreo 11

Please read all of that or else my rant won’t make too much sense xD

And a few hours later I got a reply from this chick Erika.

Click To ENLARGE! And you can read this just fine so I won’t retype it.

(The following is directed to Erika but you may read it if you like)

Well, Erika, all you did was tell me that nonmembers can do more than half the stamps. USE YOUR BRAIN IF YOU’VE GOT ANY! Listen, sweetie, to pure reason:

– out of the Activities category, at least six stamps are restricted to (A) members, or (B) penguins with the required coin code item. So either way, you have to have paid some kind of money on memberships or coin codes to get all the stamps.

– out of the Characters category, (BY THE WAY YOU FORGOT SENSEI, DUMB@SS) except for Rockhopper the chances are extremely low that a nonmember will meet any of those penguins.

– out of the Games category, 43/77 stamps are MEMBERS ONLY! And some of the nonmember ones are unfair because members have a better chance (like collecting money bags in Thin Ice)

HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, ERIKA? And correct me if I’m wrong, but you never explained why the hell you memberfied the games. And plus, you ended half of your sentences (five out of ten) with an exclamation point. It just looks ridiculous.

Okay, Erika, you really need to open your mind and tell everyone else at CP Studios to do that also. Club Penguin is made for children, what, 7 to 14, but open to all ages? Big age difference. Once you hit 10 or 11 you start to develop something magical called SMARTS. You begin to THINK. And I THINK you should realize that the older players begin to feel like maybe, just maybe, something is off or they might have an idea to email you. Talk to them like real people because soon enough, they will be. And “real people” don’t say “penguin pals” or end every other sentence with “!” .

(The rest is directed to the usual audience of CP-goers)

If you agree with me that Erika is really stupid, comment and say so.

And if you think that the memberfication of the games is unfair, don’t be afraid to complain to them. (Remember to be semi-polite though.)

Sorry that I was a bit cross with her, this whole thing just put me into a very bad mood.

Waddle On,



9 Responses to “Club Penguin’s Excuse for Memberfying the Games”

  1. If I were you I would e-mail them telling them to stop talking to you like your a friggin 5 year-old. I’ll e-mail them to, and tell them I’m going to cancel my membership because they are ruining CP for non-members who are my friends (even though I won’t cancel it xD).

    ~Ashley Di

  2. Tell her that members had ENOUGH exclusives before! 🙂 great site

  3. I just got GIMP (which is a really awesome picture editing thingy) so I was going to make you a wayyyy better #1 Fan Banner than a made you before. So can you reply to this giving me a link to a picture of everyone’s penguin included Fcel and Skwirt. Thanks yewww.

    ~Ashley Di

  4. I AGREE! And also, if people say penguin pals and stuff like, “Well members pay so they should get more!” instead of “Well members pay so they should get more.”

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