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Posted by Funkytwins on August 9, 2010

Ok SOOOOO Madi is here. 

Madi is bored, because all day all she did was laundry and play Sims 2.  It’s addicting.

So time for a random post!

In case you haven’t noticed, JuJu and I have been having a banter competition signed as Mr. and Mrs. Phair.

I shall now explain.

Mrs.  Phair is this really rude and obnoxious and ancient teacher at our school who is really oblivious to the world and mean to kids.  She constantly talks about her daughters, but she never talks about her husband.  We know she has one, because she says she’s married.  This old guy once almost ran into JuJu’s car, so we suspect him.

And so one time our friend Liv was being bullied, and so we were talking to a teacher about it.  We ended up talking for a while, and then we were late for class.  We weren’t in trouble, though.  I didn’t know Mrs.  Phair was in the class room, so I walked in and threw my hands up and screamed, “IT’S TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!” and she was there and she yelled at me and the glared me out of the room.

So yea.




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