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EPF Field-Op #9 SPOILER!!!

Posted by Funkytwins on August 9, 2010

So today JuJu was bored and went on her side account.

The Spy Phone was beeping and I thought it was just because I don’t go on that very often and it wanted me to do that last field-op.

So I went down to the EPF HQ and clicked the “Accept Field-Op” button without really reading it and went to the Dojo Courtyard’s video camera. But, nothing happened. I was like, “Huh?”

So I went back to the HQ and reread the message.

So I thought, “Oh! Okay!” And ran around checking the cash registers. Guess where the right one ended up to be?

Not the Pizza Parlour, not the Gift Shop…THE STADIUM! At the snack shack!

So click on the register, and when your Spy Phone flashes green, click that.

It’s the data-firewall matching again.

Match the date (in this case, the data chip is peach) to the one in the firewall (see how it is aligned?) It takes ten matches to win.

Use the medal on Elite Gear.

Since it’s obviously not a previous field-op, it must be tomorrow’s done a day early!

Wait! Today is Monday…I knew that.

So it’s gotta be WEDNESDAY’S field-op on a test run!

Weirder yet, I went on my main account (11 Oreo 11) to try and read G’s message, but all I got was “Objective Complete! Check Back Next Week!” Strange!!!!

But, whatever. You guys got a little sneak peek! Hehe!


3 Responses to “EPF Field-Op #9 SPOILER!!!”

  1. Madi said

    OMG that happened on my main account!!! I tried both cash registers and nothing happned? Are there any other cash registers??

  2. maximax14 said

    Hey everybody! The way to beat the new field op is to go to the stadium and go through the door of the snack bar. Then your phone will light up and ding. Maximax14 is here to help!

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