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They Memberfied the GAMES!!!!

Posted by Funkytwins on July 27, 2010

Okay, if you’ve read the sticky post *pokes above post* you should know thusly:

– They respiffed a lot of games and stamps.

– Nonmember’s can’t edit their stamp book. Things must be bad if Disney isn’t even going to allow them to choose between a green stamp book or a blue one. A freaking stamp book!!? Excuse me????

– The games don’t let nonmembers play half as far as they used to.

Jet Pack Adventure – nonmembers can play all of LEVEL ONE.
Thin Ice – nonmembers can play up to LEVEL TEN, out of THIRTY, maybe more because they changed it.
Astro Barrier – Nonmembers can only play up to LEVEL FIVE, out of at least forty.
Catchin’ Waves (This is the most angering) – Nonmembers can take a surf lesson or play Freestyle. No longer can they do Survival Mode or Competition, which (as my sources tell me) has been turned into a real competition like Dance Contest, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places!!!

Think of it this way: older penguins like me are used to playing as far as our hearts desire in all our favorite games. Now, we can’t, and the newer penguins will never know how the games end. Unless the pay for membership, and honey, don’t waste your cash.

Or, think of it THIS way – the flubby way (she said this, I’m just reposting it xD I love flubby): nonmembers have nothing else to live for. xP. Seriously – secret rooms, exclusive clothing & igloo catalogs, they can’t even make their igloos open to the map for a party (sure, the prissiest people won’t show up because it’s not decorated, but it’s the principle of the thing, you know what I mean?) all they can choose from are the two plainest colors of puffles….now they’re taking over the games too?

What madness is this?


Anyways…really though, the stamps are cool and whatnot, but think about it.

Taking over the games is just one step out of line — I thought members-only parties were bad enough.

I would rather have all the games unspiffed and back to the jolly old way they were  last week, and have all of the stamps taken away than keep the games memeberfied and earn stamps for it.

Nonmembers, espeically Disney-lovers, use your brains: Is sacrificing huge chunks of games worth having a new pin?

(Because the stamps are being used as pins.)

I tell you, NO!

Now, this is why I love Flubby. She had, as usual, a great idea.

Complain! And tell others to complain!

Right to the big boss! (Even though it’s his minions who read the emails.)

Let loose! (But don’t swear, they might ban you!) Tell them what you think!

(BUT BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY! Allow them to know that you’re upset but you have watch your language, seriously.)

So we are asking you to email club penguin at support@clubpenguin.com and complain away!

Be sure to add if you want the games put back to normal and the stamps gone so they will get rid of the stamps and restore balance to the Island.

But only do that if you agree with us. Though I’m not about to decide for you, but looking at all the facts you should know that

They ruined the games, people!

Video game players – imagine your mom putting a parental block on your game and giving you a sticker for it! And then, she lets your big brother play normally and he still gets a sticker. He actually gets 3 stickers for beating more levels, and then brags in your face about it. You can’t earn any more stickers because your mom blocked your video game.
What would you do in that scenario?
If you answered something like, “I’d yell at my mom and tell how unfair that is!” then you must understand what I am trying to say.

Remember: email, complain, and spread the word!


PS — Don’t forget all the things nonmembers can’t do, now add two more to the list. Really play games, and edit a stamp book. -_-



5 Responses to “They Memberfied the GAMES!!!!”

  1. Madi said

    I hate people

  2. JuJu said

    *cough* Sorry *grabs books and runs* XD NOOO MRS PHAIR GO AWAY *slaps with a cold pancake*

  3. zaklady bukmacherskie said

    Great info, thanks for useful article. I am waiting for more

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