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Guide to Stamp Collecting!

Posted by Funkytwins on July 27, 2010


Click each image for full size & better quality!

Stamps are here!

When you log onto CP, you will see a little stamp button on your player card.

It also shows you how many stamps you have collected.

Click the stamp and it will take you to your album.

There are different categories, and each one is a different way to earn stamps.

Here is how it works.


First you have to know that there are some members only ones (and in order to that Disney screwed up some games. In Jet Pack adventures, nonmembers can only do level 1. In Thin Ice, nonmembers can only do the first 10 levels. In Astro Barrier, nonmembers can only go up to level 5. In Catchin Waves, nonmembers can’t do Survival or Competition mode. In Aqua Grabber, nonmembers can’t do the Soda Seas, but that’s not too bad I always hated that level!) but you can earn some if you have a certain coin code item. So, most of the stuff on here is directed toward nonmembers because I am one. Members, you’ve got to earn those stamps on your own, sorry xP

Okay, here is really to get stamps.


You can also see other people’s stamp albums, just click their player card and then click the stamp.

(Apologies for the Low Definition, my computer was lagging because of all the penguins)

and that will take you to an album just like yours, only it will show what stamps THEY’VE gotten.

Okay. Sorry. Here we go *clears throat*

For the Characters category, you have to be in the same room as the special penguin.

There is one of these pages for every category of your stamp collection. (If you mouse over any stamp it will tell you how to get it and what the name of it is)

There are also stamps for Activities, some of which are easy and some are tricky.

They are things like, Dance with 25 Penguins at the Night Club, Drill with 30 Penguins on the Ice Berg, etc.

All in all, they’re fun. I like doing the Activities but some are members only – like, fill your igloo with 99 furniture items. (I really wish they gave you stamps if you had done that in the past. I had the bombest igloo on the Island when I was a member, ask anyone -_- this upsets me)

Some are mostly members only but you can get away with a coin code item, as previously mentioned. A few of those are, Serve Coffee 5 Times Using the Apron and saying the Emote, Take a Picture With a Camera at the Top of the Ski Hill, etc.

Then there’s the one that says, Form a Full Band at the Lighthouse. I think that means every instrument ever invented to CP, but I’m not sure, ’cause I’ve had some pretty beast bands and no one got the stamp.

Another kind of tricky one asks you to waddle around 30 rooms. So I just waddled all over to the ends of CP which was boring, but it worked. 😆

There is also one that asks you to have 1o penguins over your igloo for a party, then another one that asks for you to have 30 penguins at your igloo party. So, sometime we will make a date that starts at one igloo and then after they get the stamps, we will circulate to all everyone’s igloo so we can all get the stamps.

Then there’s the Games category.

For Thin Ice, the nonmembers can get a few stamps. So..yeah. xP

For Jet Pack Adventure, nonmembers can only get three. The first one, you need to take off and then land back on the launch pad. For the second one, you have to find all the fuels on the first level – easy enough, but there is one hidden behind the Gift Shop towards the end. And the last, all you have to do is run out of fuel and while you’re hurtling towards the earth “OH GAHD NO I’M FALLING aaaaaaaah” land on a fuel tank.

Then there’s the ones for Catchin’ Waves, which is pretty easy because they’re all just tricks and stuff.

Remember, I am not a member, so I’m not even bothering posting the extra stuff members have to do earn stamps.

And then for Astro Barrier, beat the first five levels (one stamp) and then beat them without missing a shot (another stamp – this is harder than it sounds, but still pretty easy.)

And then Aqua Grabber isn’t hard it all, it’s all stuff like “Complete Clam Waters without losing a life” and things like that. And, nonmembers, if you used to be a member or have unlocked one with a coin code, you can still earn stamps with your pink puffle.

Members can edit it, trick it out with colors and spiffiness. (REALLY? NONMEMBERS CAN’T EDIT A FREAKING STAMP BOOK?)


That’s all for now guys, good luck earning your stamps!


P.S. There’s a new Field Op – number seven? – and here’s how to do it.

Go to the HQ and read this, then head to the Beacon.

And it’s this thing again, easy:

Don’t forget to spend medals on the EPF Gear, nonmembers are restricted to the stupid earpiece thing.


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