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Another Field Op!

Posted by Funkytwins on July 19, 2010

I think this is number five or six, but I’m not sure.

Well anyways, yeah, here it is!

Click each image for full size & better quality!

So, you have to find a computer. At first I was like, What? A computer?
Cause when you think about it, there really aren’t many computers in Cp!

So, I was like, *puts on thinking cap* what about stores?

Well, fail. All there is at stores is phones and cash registers.

So I thought about the mine cave thing, and I as I headed to the mine shack to go there, I saw the Recycling Center. Eh, couldn’t hurt to try, am I right? So I waddled on in.

There are two signs when you’ve got the right spot.

1. It’s whatever was hinted at – a pole, a microphone, a computer, etc.

2. There’s this ginormous blob of penguins clustered around it.

So you get your penguin butt to the recycling center and click the computer.

The monitor will turn blue and your spy phone will ring and flash green.

The little game thing to do is actually different.

The deal is to match your microchip with the right one as a row of five chips fall down. You’ll know it’s right when the two of them are matching, as shown here:

This one is peach with purplish writing. As you can see, I am matching it with the other chip.

Plus, when that’s done, a little green checkmark will pop up.

It seems easy but the speed is unpredictable – slow, fast, medium…so be careful. You mess up once, and boom, it’s over. But you can still try again.

It takes ten matches to win. See this bar thing?

It shows you how far along you are. Let’s see if you were paying attention.

So, I told you it takes ten matches. This bar is half full. So how many matches do you think have already happened?
*waits for you to decide*
If you said five, give yourself a pat on the back.

So, that’s pretty much it. You match the microchip with one with the same colors ten time, and you’re done.

You earn a medal and that can spent on Elite Gear, most of which is members only.

Until next week (wow club penguin fails. a new attack every Wednesday.) the island is safe!

Good luck agents!

Don’t forget to check out Flubby’s fansite!



3 Responses to “Another Field Op!”

  1. Ashley Di said

    It field-ops 6 i think lol I’m so happy that they didn’t repeat one of the other field-ops like they kept doing.

    ~Ashley Di

  2. Great site. Lots of useful reviews here. I’m wil send it to my friend!

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