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For Flubby!

Posted by Funkytwins on July 12, 2010

Hey you might want to check out the “Friends” page

*abnormally short post*


7 Responses to “For Flubby!”

  1. Done10: Hi funkytwins! Can you plz say that there is an inportent poll on about page on our website. Well THANKS! ~thebunnybandits

  2. JuJu said

    please don’t take this wrong way, but you’re not exactly our best friends. I thought we had made up – it’s just a name, people – and I think you’ve got some nerve asking us to advertise on our site. so, until you start being a bit more mature about this, its a bigfatNO.

    I have some questions.
    Does the name really matter? (We’re not saying we are better than you at being robbers. we just like the name that I thought was cute and decided to use it. I didn’t even know you guys existed until you stormed our site last year and started a big unnessecary arguement.)
    Why do you care so much? (CLUB PENGUIN IS A CHILDRENS GAME SITE! It’s fun, yeah, but seriously, can’t we get along?)
    Why are you dredging this up after what happened last year? (Yes I commented on your site and I hope you read that comment. I said that we were better people than you because we don’t edit your comments to say things like WE SUCK! and I’M SUCH A JERK!)

    AWW YOURE WELCOME FLUBBISH! Dont be afraid to visit your own fansite 😆

  4. Countblack said

    hey thar. my name is countblack && i believe i’ve either been your friend on clubpenguin before or i have seen you on clubpenguin like a million times. haha, but do you think i’d be able to meet you somewhere at sometime? if so that would be awesome.

    -countblack, or you can call me mickenzy! ^_^

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