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The Music Jam ’10 and the Fourth Field-Op!

Posted by Funkytwins on July 10, 2010

Hey everybody! We’re back!!! 😀

Anyway so, yeah. Time to post *ahhrem*

Well, the Music Jam is here! It’s really fun.

Members, buy an All-Access Pass at the Ski Village for a lot more advantages *forced smile*

The free item is a Blue Headphone set, get it at the cove:

There’s tons of cool stuff to explore, and guess who’s at the Berg?

The Penguin Band!!! (click this picture to see it better!)

If my gut tells me the truth, they will be taking breaks like last year and roaming the island.

My gut is only saying that because isnt that what happened last year?

Plus – I’m not a member so I can’t be sure – Cadence will be on the rooftop of the Night Club!

It appears to be that way, I might be wrong, but whenever the roof is open to members

Cadence usually shows up. She is my favorite Famous Penguin so good luck in finding her!

Now, the EPF doesn’t take music breaks, so theres a field op you need to do.

G says that you have to find and fix their survalliance (sp, sorry) that is hidden in a couch.

The couch is in the Lodge Attic, and the real mission part of it is the maze with the chipset thing.

Just move the microchip and recharge the the sets. Good luck agents!!!



2 Responses to “The Music Jam ’10 and the Fourth Field-Op!”

  1. JuJu said

    Nevermind my gut is wrong! I will edit it out later but the only penguin to be roaming the island will be Cadence. Billybob would have told us otherwise, sorry for any dashed hopes 😉

  2. Coolie887 said

    Cool 😉

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