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Field-Op Numero Tres, Fireworks, Pin, Music Jam Coming Up!

Posted by Funkytwins on July 2, 2010

😯 IMPORTANT 😯 Click the pictures to see them bigger/clearer. Some of them failed and I don’t really know why. xD

Well the third field op is here! It’s fairly simple.

The message reads:

So we need to find and disable an old Spy Phone near a big lightbulb.

Wow giant picture, how’d that happen??

Anyways, so, I thought, “OMG giant lightbulb = lighthouse!”

So I went to the beacon and found nothing. I was like, okay, it said NEAR it, so maybe it’s on the beach!

Then I had a brilliant idea!

I remembered the login page!

So I thought to look around the side and back of the lighthouse.

Nothing. xP

So, I thought about maybe near the pin in the pizza shop?

Nothing there, either. In fact, there’s a new Candy Apple pin at the hidden lake.

At this point I was getting really pissed at the stupid EPF for not looking themselves and not giving enough hints,

when I realized, “Hey, what about the Hidden Mining Cave thing?” So I checked there.

Eureka! The spy phone started ringing so I clicked it.

(I swear that contraption wasn’t there before, but, whatever. Ozzy bites bats, Billybob builds lightbulbs.)

Then it’s just the same thing as before, the destroying of s

tuff that matches, and they fixed the failness.

I don’t know what’s up with the size of these pictures.

Yeah, so, once that’s done, you earn a medal that can be spent or saved on Elite Gear if you’re a member.

(Nonmembers can only get that earpeice thingy.)

I decided to head to the Berg or the Ski Hill to look at the pretty fireworks.

They'll be exploding for the fourth of July weekend, I think.

Oh, did I mention the Music Jam is coming up?
Well, it is, and all over the island there are boxes of guitars and stuff.

It's from the 9th to the 18th!

Earlier I mentioned the new pin. Yeah, its at the Hidden Lake.

Okay, just so you know, Skwirt Madi and JuJu are going away to

Maine for the week, starting the fourth. We will be getting back at night on the ninth,

so don’t expect and Music Jam cheats until the tenth or eleventh, sorry! xP

By the way, do you think they will bring back the Water Party? Those were really fun!!

Well thats all for now!



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