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Exxtreme Makeover: Funkytwins Edition!

Posted by Funkytwins on June 29, 2010

Hey penguin peoples,

this site has been up and running for about a year.

We’ve had days of business and days of emptiness, but all in all,

the noble Funkytwins Blog has been through a lot and we’ve decided to give it a


And by exxtreme makeover we mean editing out chatspeak

(for those of you who don’t know, chatspeak is: r, u, lol, srry, thx and

we dont mind *commenting* like that but we’d like to have more…

professional words on our pages.)

and giving it a new THEME!! And that’s like, the template and colors and stuff.

We *might* need someone to make a new banner/header thing

for us, because one of the themes we’re looking at my have to have one.

So we’re looking for a Funky-goer that is ready should we need one.

Peace, Love, and Club Penguin.

~The Funkytwins Team~


47 Responses to “Exxtreme Makeover: Funkytwins Edition!”

  1. JuJu said

    Whoa! Epicness! I love the new theme!
    But some of the text boxes on the side failed, I dont see the one I made “about the site” *scrolls around*

  2. JuJu said

    oh yay thanks madi! you rock haha thanks for being so helpful! sorry i had to get off the phone…

  3. Ashley Di said

    I can make headers but I’m not very good at making them =( I am really good at making Ultimate Fan banners (widgets for other people to put on their websites) though so, if you want one of those I’ll make one 😀

    ~Ashley Di

    • JuJu said

      oh thanks, we might need one!!!

      • Ashley Di said

        Just tell me when you do need one. =D

        ~Ashley Di

      • funkytwins said

        Thanks Ash 🙂 we could use a ultimate fan banner, and if you want you can make a test header for us- you don’t have to though!! We definitely want the ultimate fan thingy though!!

      • Ashley Di said

        ill make both! =D but i need links or something like that of all your penguins to i could put them on the header or i could just copy and paste the pictures from the page “the funkytwins team”. just tell me wht u want me to do.

        ~Ashley Di

      • Ashley Di said

        Oh wait, I defienetly need a link or I could just take pics of your penguins. If you give me a link to the pics of your player cards, it cant have a background or pin.

      • Ashley Di said

        I tried to take pics of your player cards on club penguin but i couldnt becuae Skwirts and Madi’s penguins dont hav and clothes on lol. So i need you ppl to take a pic of you penguins e-mail it to me or just give me a link to the pictures.

        ~Ashley Di

      • Ashley Di said

        Ok nevermind AGAIN. I have a awesomly awesome plan so I got the picture deal handled 😉

        ~Ashley Di

  4. wow i was soo surprised to c this

  5. i miss the old theme but ill get used to this one at first i was thinking am i on the right site lol 🙂

    • JuJu said

      i liked the old one too, but to us it was getting old…this one is more techno-y and stuffish. and ya never know, we might change it back next time!

  6. Coolie887 said

    Ok, Ok, sorry again Everyone. I know how to make headers. Here is a link showing one of them:

    Yours truly…


  7. Ashley Di said

    I finished the test header! I’m still working on the Ultimate Fan thingy though.

    ~Ashley Di

  8. Ashley Di said

    I kno this is a weird question but on the banner thing would you rather have glitter on it or would you like the writing to blink. Also i e-mailed you the header but in the e-mail the header looks stretched out and huge for some weird reason so if I were you I would go on paint or powerpoint and make it the right size. Also when im done with the banner (which i’m almost done) what do you want me to do? Do you want me to just comment the HTML code?

    ~Ashley Di

  9. Ashley Di said

    Heres the banner HTML code:
    Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!

    • Ashley Di said

      Uhg! for some reason when i pasted the code it turned into a link.

      • JuJu said

        okay i didnt get anything at that email, idk why though xP

        okay, to prevent it from turning into a link, put in spaces like:

        even though its really
        and that way we can copy and paste the code and just take out the spaces

  10. Ashley Di said

    I’ll just e-mail it to madi cuz it doesnt allow u to comment it D=

    ~Ashley Di

  11. Ashley Di said


    Make your own banner at MyBan

    remember to get rid of the spaces

  12. Ashley Di said

    instead of e-mailing you the HTML code (it would probably turn into a link) i just made a page with your banner on it on my site and i put the code below it.

    ~Ashley Di

  13. Ashley Di said

    Madi, on my site you asked what e-mail I used to sign-up for the WordPress thingy, and I use the e-mail I comment with.

    ~Ashley Di

  14. how do u put banners on ur site after u have the code

    • Ashley Di said

      Once you have the code make sure you copied it. Then go to your site and go to widgets section. Then scroll down until you find the “text” widget.Click and drag that to the sidebar thingy. Then inside the little box paste the code and click save. Log out and the banner will be on your sidebar.

      ~Ashley Di

  15. Coolie887 said

    Um, i can make banners AND headers…

  16. flabbergasted said

    hai! remembah me? probly nawt 😛 wellz….dang xD it was like april last year i stopped cp …wow long time….im bored !!!!!!!!!!! o and can sum1 email me xD

  17. JuJu said

    The funkytwins team team art back!
    Hey Mr Soup whats up!!!

    sure, you can take off my page

  19. flabbergasted said

    juju u got a email? email me kuz i dont rlly visit tht much but i check my email all teh time. williamsemail1997@gmail.com

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