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Funkytwins Movie!!

Posted by Funkytwins on June 25, 2010

Alright Die-Hard Funkies, do some serious digging and try to remeber the Funkytwins Movie.

It was a total flop on my part and I’m deeply sorry. So I’m starting it up again.

Here is the story- this isn’t the script, and the script needs to be written. But that will happen.

Are you sure we’re going the right way?” asked Flower44. She looked around nervously. “This doesn’t look like the forest anymore.” DoubleD09 rolled his eyes. “You’re such a worry-wart Flower, of course we’re going the right way.  This is just a simple shortcut to the Stage.”  He had been so sure that this would get them right from the Forest, where they had been camping, to the Stage.  He and Flower44 were supposed to star in a play, and they had to get to practice.  He glanced at his watch.  They were going to be late if they didn’t get out of here soon.  Flower shook her head and said, “I don’t think this is a shortcut, DoubleD.  Remember that time you tried to find a shortcut to the Lighthouse?  We ended up having to be saved by some penguins playing Hydro Hopper.”  She looked at him with her eyebrows raised.  DoubleD09 wasn’t bothered by her though. They kept walking, and DoubleD09 knew that any second now, the Forest would stop and they would see the Plaza, but the Forest kept getting thicker and thicker. 

He noticed Flower44 had slowed down a bit and was now fiddling with her blonde ponytail.  Then, she stopped right in her tracks, causing DoubleD09 to bump into her. “Hey! Why did you stop?”  But Flower44 didn’t answer she simply stood there.  “Flower,” DoubleD09 said, “are you alright?” Flower turned around and said “I think I heard something.  Then I saw a HUGE shadow.”  Suddenly, the bushes started moving next to her. “AHHHHHHH!” Flower44 screamed. DoubleD09 slowly back away from the bushes. Slowly, something emerged from the bushes. Flower44 was about to let out another scream, when she started to smile. “Oh,” she said, “it’s just a cute little green puffle.”  She bent down and started petting it.

The puffle seemed to love the attention he was getting, but then he suddenly stopped smiling and ran back into the bushes. Flower44 and DoubleD09 slowly turned their heads to look at each other, as they heard a slow rumble and a sudden gust of wind blew over them and they looked up, and to this day cannot believe what they saw.

A yellow flying moose! A big and yellow moose with wings that looked like a parrot’s! DoubleD09 looked over at Flower44 and expected her to scream, but instead she burst out laughing! “A flying moose, oh, oh I can’t believe this, A yellow, flying moose!” She was practically crying now. DoubleD09 chuckled and thought “Yeah, that is pretty funny.”  They watched it fly away, then started walking again, giggling the whole time.  “You know what DoubleD? I’m glad we took this shortcut. I bet we are the only penguin in the world who have ever seen a yellow flying moose.”  She looked very proud when DoubleD09 glanced at her. He was glad to.  He liked going on adventures!

Soon Flower44 admitted she was getting very tired so they decided to sit for a while.  DoubleD09 took out the bottle of water he had in his camping bag.  He took of his blue baseball cap and wiped away some sweat on his forehead.  Suddenly, he heard the sound of feet on the ground! They sounded like the webbed feet penguins have!  He jumped up in anticipation, but what came out from in between the trees was certainly not a penguin! It was a pink sheep with webbed feet!  And it wasn’t baaing like most sheep, it was mooing!  Now it was DoubleD09’s turn to laugh.  He practically fell to the ground laughing!  When Flower44 glanced over to see what all the ruckus was about, she fell to the ground laughing to!

After that they saw many more silly and wacky animals along the way.  Crabs with marshmallow claws, giant puffles, and even a bird that flew upside down!  Finally, after a long time of walking, they came out of the Forest and were in the Plaza!  “Yay!” cried Flower44. She and DoubleD09 high fived, but before they started to go to the Stage, DoubleD09 said, “You know Flower, I had a great time in the Forest with you.  Not just because we saw all those crazy animals, but because we got to spend time together,” DoubleD09 smiled, “you are my best friend Flower.”  Flower44 smiled the biggest smile she had ever smiled. “And you are my best friend DoubleD.”  He held out his arm “How about we go to the stage now and see what the director does because we are so late.” She looped her arm through his and said “Let’s.” And the two best friends skipped off to the stage, arm in arm.

Now, if you would like to be in the movie, please comment below.  But I’m only going to say this once-


So now that you get the idea, I am going to tell you the open roles that I need filled.



Yellow Flying Moose

Pink Sheep

Someone to hold the green puffle.

Director (as in like in the play).

You really don’t have to be a member for any of the roles except for Yellow flying moose and sheep.

Personally, my membership runs out in two days, but I will still be able to direct.

Here are the off-stage helpers needed.

Costume Director- Madi

Overall Director- Madi

Music Director-

Filmer- Madi

Set Director-

You don’t need to be a member for any of these jobs.  Music director chooses music for the movie and set director can use his/her igloo to help set up sets and to help choose sets, like the forest and such.

~Please consider joining in this move.  It will be a great expierience.~




32 Responses to “Funkytwins Movie!!”

  1. cool i want to be Flower44 it is very creative who wrote it

    • funkytwins said

      thanks!!! madi (me) wrote it awhile ago for a club penguin story contest but it didnt win 😦 so i have to ask the obvious question- member or not? it doesnt really matter, but im just wondering.

  2. Ashley Di said


    ~Ashlwy Di

  3. funkytwins said

    JuJu here and I’m all for it!!!! I want to be the yellow flying moose!!! I just need a membership, but I already have a moose head, wings and the color yellow.

  4. slippey50833 said

    nice script!

  5. Coolie887 said

    Hey..Madi…Um, i’m sorry for what i said to you, and can we be friends again? If we can then can i play DoubleD09?

    • Madi said

      Oh um sure!!! 🙂 all is forgiven and u can play doubled09 :))

    • JuJu said

      *has marshmallow gun* explain yourself first. what was with the unfounded accusation? we are elizabeth’s FRIENDS, nubface.

    • JuJu said

      i still really really really dont like you coolie. im not going to forgive you but im not going to attack you either, for elizabeth’s sake. one more wrong word at me or my friends and your going down, alright mr hot stuff?

      • Coolie887 said

        Wow, i am soo scared!!!
        I WAS APOLOGIZING! don’t butt in you butt-face! I didn’t do anything to u! I wasn’t even talking to you! I never did anything to bother you! First of all (delete this comment for all i care.) I was actually gonna apologize to you, too, but now, i don’t think i will. Attack me for all i care, Like you could even do anything to me.

        And Madi? I realized i cannot play in the play. Cuz’ if i do, it will be asking for trouble. I don’t want any fights in CP. Sorry.

      • Coolie887 said

        I think that Madi should start her own blog. She is much better at it then you are.

      • JuJu said

        I wasn’t about to attack you. I was saying that, I’ll just ignore this now but I dont like you yelling at my friends, in this case, Madi. if Madi wants to start her own blog, that’s okay with me, she’d be great. and you know what? You mightve meant that as an insult, but, I’m glad she’s here because i need her because she IS better at than me! i need her awesomeness! And, if you were about to apologize to me, why didnt you in the same comment? I don’t want to start any fights either, but you already did and i jumped in to defend madi. I said that I wasnt going to yell at you anymore, but, you kind of overreacted. I’ll be friends if you want to but you have to stop this poop first 😉

      • funkytwins said

        Cool it coolie. You cant go being mean to JuJu and all my other friends and that be nice to me- it doesnt work that way. Im sorry you couldnt be in the movie but if you keep this up im not sure if i want you in the movie!! I dont wanna fight but you’re making it hard not to want to slap you with a dead fish. JuJu is one of the best bloggers. Ever. and i couldnt start my own blog if i wanted to because i fail. So take a chill pill and back off and then we can talk… i wanna be friends but that means being nice to everyone else too. im sorry.

      • JuJu said

        Thank you madi. I’m glad someone understands. thanks for the compliments too, even though Im more failish. remeber all the times i’ve had to call you going WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS???? lol…oh the good times….

      • funkytwins said

        JuJu you sweetie pie 😛 its only the techy stuff lol xD i think we need to put this site in extreme makeover

      • Ok i’m not sure if u all know this but I have been watching this arguement. From wat i saw it started at my website take a chill pill in chillsyvania but serousily just be friends or dont argue

      • Coolie887 said

        So what? Even if i apologize, thats not gonna change anything. You have been mad at me for ages;

        when all i did was say that IF Elizabeth stopped blogging, then she would be a loser. I just didn’t think she was coming back. Sure, Sure, it said so in the post, but one of my BEST club penguin blogging friends, said she was gonna start a new blog (that wasn’t about cp.) she said she was gonna come back to blogging on her normal (cp) blog. But then when no-one visited her new site, she got super mad at ME! She then said she was gonna STOP BLOGGING ABOUT CP! So, i thought that the same was gonna happen to Elizabeth, when she stopped blogging for awhile.
        I was just warning her.

        and if i recall correctly, THIS is what i said:

        “No no don’t quit it isn’t right, your good so if you quit, it just proves ur a loser”

        See? I said IF you quit. And then you and Madi just butted in, getting the wrong version of my comment. So that was your guy’s fault. And for the update, i will still go to ur blog. Even if you say i can’t.

        So if all you want me to say is ‘Sorry’ then why didn’t you just ask? I am ready to go any ware, if it means keeping my friends.

        “I’m Sorry, Mani and Ju-Ju (or funky-twins)”

        “Lets end this weird argument, for Elizabeth’s sake ok?”


      • JuJu said

        We didn’t try to butt in, we just meant to say that she isn’t a loser and she won’t ever be.
        And then it just escalated into this mess.
        I’m ready to be friends too. I forgive you, BUT MY NAME DOES NOT HAVE A HYPHEN.

    • funkytwins said

      i dont mean to be rude or mean, but i think we would all appreciate if we just stay out of each others way- you dont come to our blog, we dont go to yours. that seems like the right answer to these clubpenguin fights

  6. Ashley Di said

    the bunny bandits havent done anything in a looong time D=

    ~Ashley Di

  7. Madi said

    I KNOW!!! ::( sadness

  8. when does the shooting for the MOVIE 🙂 start????? lol

    • Madi said

      Probably in about a month, since june is a busy month for me and everyone else and then im going away to camp for a while and have a lot of stuff going on- so not for a while.

  9. i can be flower44 right 🙂

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