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Paper Boat Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Posted by Funkytwins on June 19, 2010

Hey guys!

The Adventure Party is here and will be staying until the 27th!

Rockhopper should be here the 21st.

So anyways, the Adventure Party has a bunch of cool decorations

and ships and mermaids to explore, but the main attraction is the

Paper Boat Scavenger Hunt.

Here are the cheats:

WAIT! The pin is at the pizza parlour.

Okay, HERE are the cheats for real.






Snow Forts


Hidden Lake, Mine


Plaza, Pet Shop Exterior


Town, Coffee Shop Exterior


Ski Village


Ice Berg

So, now that you have all the boats, click Build Map.

Here is what should appear:

Put it together, at the end it should look like this —

As soon as the map (did you notice it was of the Cove?) is done,

this message should appear —

Claim your prize from the hunt, which is this background:

Click yes, of course. Then move your penguin tush to the Cove if you aren’t there already.

Unless you’re blind, you should see a giant red X in the sand. Dig, man, dig!
(If you don’t have a hard hat, click the yellow jackhammer and you will get one.)

After a moment, you should win a White Pirate Puffle Bandana.

I am pretty sure that is NOT the name, but I forget what it is so whatever.

Anyway, CP isn’t being too shabby, you get a pin, a background and two hats,

all in the same party! And RH is on the way, so that like guarantees another background.

Here is what your new outfit can look like:

Have fun at the party, and keep your eyes open for Rockhopper!



5 Responses to “Paper Boat Scavenger Hunt Cheats”

  1. actually it doesnt look like anyplace there

  2. nvm it is half cove half forest and madi your right sometimes 🙂

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