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EPF Field-Op and Rockhopper!

Posted by Funkytwins on June 16, 2010

Rockhopper’s coming!

He will probably be here by Friday, at which time I’m pretty sure

the Adventure Party will start. Tomorrow’s newspaper will probably say the dates.

*goes into EPF mode*

Alright! Well, the June 15th summons ended in a new mission called a Field Op.

click this sign, and this message will appear:

You need to find a big letter S. Here it is:

when you waddle up to it, your Spy Phone will ring. Click on it, and it will say:

Hit “Engage” and you will have this weird circuit thing.

It looks confusing, but it’s not. Mouse over each red ball,

and a shape will appear on it. Say that one ball has a square. You need

to mouse over the other balls until you find a square. Click each ball that has a square

on it, and that wire will blow. Keep doing that until you disable the battery.

You only have a minute to do it, and the timer is bogus so you need to be quick.

By “bogus timer” I mean that the game often freezes and has to load.

The timer keeps going. xP Maybe it’s just my computer, but anyway, I suggest

you are as fast as you can be! If you don’t finish under a minute, don’t worry.

You can just try again.

When you finish this field-op, you get a medal.

Your phone should also tell you that there will be a new field-op next week.

Remember those buttons that say “Coming Soon?”

Well, the Field-Ops one is working fine.
So is the Elite Gear. Click it, and it should say:

this is how many medals you have. I have 0 because I spent mine. (More on spending medals later, just scroll down)

okay, so here’s the lowdown.

See those Alpha/Delta outfits? And the earpeice?

Well, you buy with them medals, not coins.

For example, the Earpiece is One Medal, and the Alpha Pumps are Three Medals.

You can earn up to a medal a week,

if G is right in saying there will be a new field-op every week.

So, if you wanna get the Alpha Pumps, you need to earn three medals before you can get them.

But, theres a catch. Do you know what it is? I think you do.

The Alpha and Delta suits are members only.

*pauses for enraged screams of audience*

I know, I know. But don’t worry, nonmembers can still get the Earpiece!

Small comfort, though. It’s a Head Item, which means you can’t

wear a hat or a wig or anything over it. It looks like this:

The first is on your penguin (sorry for my penguin nudeness)

and the second is on your player card (the blue and white stuff is my background).

Still…the Field-Ops are fun, and I’d be happy

with the Earpeice if only I could wear my hat over it. *sigh*

Well, good luck with the mission type thing, and have fun at the Adventure Party!

Maybe we can make a search party for Rockhopper or something. :mrgreen:




7 Responses to “EPF Field-Op and Rockhopper!”

  1. slippey50833 said

    Awesome, it’s almost time for the 2nd adventure party!! The CP agency thingy changed a lot, the field ops looks cool.

    (isn’t ice cream so good?)


  2. Coolie887 said

    Oh, And mandi? I HATE YOU FOR WHAT YOU SAID ON elie’s site, why did you butt in? I was talking to ellie!

  3. Coolie887 said


    • JuJu said

      she’s our friend now. have you not realized that? her friend went on her computer and pretended to be her. good Lord, next time get all the facts before jumping to conclusions!

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