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Flubby’s Famous Funky Five Awards!!

Posted by Funkytwins on June 15, 2010

Video available

Anyways, The Funkytwins Team, or members of the said penguins,

has won in these categories!

Most Random – Whole Team

Best Friend – JuJu

Nicest Penguin – JuJu

The other categories were as follows:

Most Commenters – Random Commenters

Most Famous – Fever


Old Flubbmuffin pulled a fast one!

The winner of the suprise Most Loyal Category went to JuJu!

(JuJu almost cried when she saw that! Very unexpected!!! It means a lot, Flubby!)

Anyways, so, since we won in at least one category,

we will have a string of funny pictures/videos

(that may or may not pertain to Club Penguin) for you to enjoy!

But, those won’t be up for a few days. Sorry xP

But don’t worry! We will get them up!!!! 😀

Thanks to all who voted!!!

~The Funkytwins Team


38 Responses to “Flubby’s Famous Funky Five Awards!!”

  1. BAM!
    It was my pleasureeeeeee makingggggg theseeeeeee awardssss!
    CONGRATZ! You guys won stuffs. (:

  2. hi

  3. Wexfief said

    I didn’t win anything 😀 YAY

  4. slippey50833 said

    WOO HOO!! FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!! (where I live)!!!!!

  5. slippey50833 said

    Congratulations Funkytwins!!

    where i live summer starts on monday so 5 more days 🙂

  7. slippey50833 said

    BTW, I’ll start commenting a whole lot more!


  8. JuJu said

    aww did you miss us? lol jk.

  9. Hey
    (Lets see if anyone remembers me)

  10. slippey50833 said

    gtg (for now) cya! (If any one is here).

  11. JuJu said

    poppymelt!!! I remember you!!! Hai!!!

  12. Ashley Di said

    congrats everyone for winning =)

    ~Ashley Di

  13. slippey50833 said

    wow, there’s 30 (now 31) comments under this post!

  14. Ashley Di said

    *sighs* im very bored…=(

    ~Ashley Di

  15. Coolie887 said

    Funky-twins, thanks alot for what you said back on ellie’s site, were done. I will NEVER come to your site EVER AGAIN!

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