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New Mission/New Scam

Posted by Funkytwins on May 22, 2010

Well, you’ve gone and done it again, haven’t you, Billybob?

As I know you all are, I was excited about the new misson.  I immeadiately turned on CP and began playing.

When you finish the misson, Gary says ‘It’s Over.  The PSA is done.” Or something like that.  “All our files and documents will be transfered to the Elite Penguin Force (EPF)”

For those who have the CP Nintendo DS game, you all know you can enter a special room called the EPF room when you tranfer coins from your game to your account.

So I think this is all a scam to get people to buy the game so they can play the EPF games since PSA is apparently no more.


Way to ruin CP some more.

Wishing you the best-



8 Responses to “New Mission/New Scam”

  1. JuJu said

    I doubt its a scam. I think that they will probably amp up in the EPF and maybe replace the PSA with it? Like make the a new HQ for the EPF and just the people with the Nintendo game have more privileges. I just think that it’s going to be EPF people can play for free or have a “membership” and be more special. I dont think that non-nintendos are just done being agents.

  2. Maci said

    I think it is because this way people will be bored because there is like NO PSA so they are trying to promote the EPF and people
    will buy the Nintendo game so that they can still play EPF.

    • JuJu said

      you need to be more optimistic. 😛 it could very well be, but as we have no proof we should just hope for the best

      • Maci said

        Its not that I’m not optimistic, i just over analyze things. Thats why I want to be a therapist. Or start a court for reptiles.

  3. JuJu said

    Therapist? 0_o You don’t want to be a therapist! :O Look at the spelling of it! xP

    The Hat Behind The Door. A bestseller in the making. xD

  4. Wexfief said

    Haha, nice post.


  5. Ashley Di said

    im mad now cuz i bought tht cp epf DS game ($30) for nothing cuz now anyone can get into the room.

    ~Ashley Di

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