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Guy Dressed As A Crab!

Posted by Funkytwins on May 9, 2010

AHHH!!! My worst nightmare!

The crabs are coming! The crabs are coming!

Lol, see the “random stuff to do on club penguin” for that.

Point is, seriously, look.

You are not seeing things. There is a crab costume.

Now, where to get this awesome crab costume?

I have no idea. I’m assuming it’s in a new treasure book or something.

Anyway, I went up to this guy and was all “OMG UR A CRAB! THATS SO COOL!”

And (predictably) he started running away xD I scared him…

So I just took a quick screenie to post up here for you guys!

Enjoy! xD Anymore info on this will be posted asap.



2 Responses to “Guy Dressed As A Crab!”

  1. Ashley DI said

    i remember when i first saw someone i n the costume i was scared xD but then i found out it was in the new treasure book so everything was ok again lol

    ~Ashley DI
    ASHLEEEEE! *HUGGLES* Lol yeah I though it was a lobster or something, so…xD

  2. llamadude said

    Hello if you like crabs why not join the crab club http://thecrabclanicp.blogspot.com/ (you need to have icp)

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