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Environmental Party!

Posted by Funkytwins on April 22, 2010

Woot! Cp actually made one!
Well, in case you don’t know, April 22 is Earth Day!
So, CP made a recycling plant next to the Mine Shack.
If you go there you can get a free Straw Gardening Hat, and if you
dance only wearing the hat, you start watering stuff with a watering can.
And there’s a Scavenger Hunt, too, for litter! Here are the answers.
(If you don’t see the peice of trash right away, just mouse over everything
and it will be highlighted and white. Then click it, and you will get the next clue.)
1. Coffee Shop
2. Pet Shop
3. Cove
4. Dojo Courtyard
5. Book Room
6. Forest
7. Ski Village
8. Mine Shack
After 8, click “Claim Prize” and you will get a TOTALLY FANTABULOUS….
*waits for applause…cricket noise cricket noise*
Yeah, I know, stupid right?
Oh well. The party ends April 25th.
Peace, Love, and Recyclements,

:mrgreen: <– get it…he’s Mr. Green… :mrgreen:


7 Responses to “Environmental Party!”

  1. ya i guess ur right it is kinda lame when u get a pin orbackground do u know y they didnt do egg hunt? hey what does the the funky twins team lok like in real life

  2. JuJu said

    Well, I am only going to tell you what I look like because I dont really care and I dont want to tell wat Maci or Ky or Skwirt looks like because thats their choice. I am thin, auburn-haired, hazel eyed and I wear purple square glasses. i also have freckles/

  3. i guess i will tell u wat i look like in return
    I am thin dark brown hair (normally in braids ocasionally straitened) dark brown eyes i wear red squareish glasses i dont have freckles

  4. Coolie887 said

    Hi JuJu, i added you too my blogrol…Here’s what i look like:
    I am also pretty thin, i have light blond hair, Normally in too braids, And i have dark, dark blue eyes and i dont wear glasses!

  5. Maci said

    Oh well… missed the enviro-partay 😛 And I am pretty tall, with light skin, dirty-blonde (like the color- its not dirty) hair and blue-green-gray eyes (they change).

  6. This is Cadburrie! Hey!

  7. thx u commented on that cheat that got ppls banned does he even check to c how many ppls hate him!!! ur comment waz good
    Aww thanks!

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