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Another Fake Flubby!

Posted by Funkytwins on April 21, 2010

{Sorry for our temporary absence from the internet! But were gonna try and post the changes in CP,

even though we are busy. I dnt want to just give up.}

:mrgreen: UPDATE: All better 🙂 Impersonator is gone now, I guess it was her friend. Just make sure your friend doesn’t do this again, okay? :mrgreen:

But, we have yet another Flubby Impersonator! (Man flubby, you must be famous

if you have *two* people who want to be you :-O)

So, this n00b is named Elizabeth456789 and she has

a navy blue icon by her name and tries to impost flubby. Jerk, right?

Well it gets worse. She comments around saying rude thingsfor some reason

she targeted me, JuJu the Great – and then tries to say it was her FRIEND!

Wow, what a no-lifer 🙂 If you see her, whack her with a stick of butter and

dont be offended if she says some mean things about/to you.

Remember, children:

The true Flubby we know and love wouldn’t say these things.




7 Responses to “Another Fake Flubby!”

  1. i happen to be telling the the truth how am i supposed to prove that? it really was my friend and at school i happened to tell her to stop! thats all i have to say i AM a nice person to prove it i will send 3 people to this site and have them comment 10 times on 2 catagories

  2. also i will too is there something specific we should comment in and is there something i can do to make it up to u and flubby btw i have told flubby this too and wat other impersonator?

  3. ok dont worry it WONT happen again i love ur random thing to do on cp page and random things to do i told my friend about it do u have any tips for my site?

  4. Ashley DI said

    im sooo happy u guys r bak 😀

    ~Ashley Di
    Aww thanks! I missed you!!! *tackle hug*

  5. Cad said

    HEHEHEY. You guys have tumblr or twitter or whatever accounts?
    Lol, nope sorry.

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