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Orange Puffle and Rockhopper!!!

Posted by Funkytwins on March 1, 2010

Hey people! The orange puffle is now an official pet for members only ( 😦 ) But it’s still cute. Here is a picture: Here is my new  orange puffle.Lol look at his face! xD Anyways, I think the orange puffles are a lot like the green puffle. Way to have an imagination, Disney.

In other news, Rockhopper is coming!!! Yay!! He will be here on Friday, the fifth of March, the day my membership expires xD. I have met him a lot of times, and he is very fun. I hope you have fun looking for him and hopefully meeting him! We don’t have anything to help you find  him though, because — get this through your heads — TRACKERS DO NOT, AND NEVER WILL, WORK. They need to be updated manually and therefore found manually. If you have a tracker that works, great. But we don’t have one and we aren’t going to bother making one. Here are some tips though:

~Look on busy servers like Frozen and Mammoth. (good luck 😛 )

~Don’t murder me, but it really does help if you’re a member. Busier servers are less crowded and takes a lot less time to get into on eof those “Sorry this room is currently full” rooms.

~Form a search party on a xat chat or something. This worked really well for me.

~Don’t break your back trying to find him, I have have often bumped into him by accident xD

If you dont know who RH is, go to our “Well-Known Penguins” page and read the section about Rockhopper.

I have to go guys! Bye!


P.S. I am going to delete that MixPod thing. It’s gotten defective and really loud and annoying xP


5 Responses to “Orange Puffle and Rockhopper!!!”

  1. Ashley DI said

    ive been on cp for more than a year now on my current penguin (and three years on a different penguin) and i still didn’t meet anyone like rockhopper, candence, sensei, or the penguin band 😦 Anyways, the orange puffle ish awesome =)

    ~Ashley DI

    • JuJu said

      aww that stinks 😦 i have to meet G and Aunt Artic then i will have met them all….i think rockhopper is the easiest to find though because he comes so often. good luck!!!

  2. i don’t know anything about cp, but this is a cool site!! 😀

  3. E=mc2 said

    hi! contest on my site!

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