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It has come to a point…

Posted by Funkytwins on January 29, 2010

Kanichewa, penguins! Sorry i havnt posted for a bit…you see school has been tuff but also i have no mebership on club penguin whatsoever but i plan to get one soon. A few things the funkytwin board has notices is the drop in views. On way you guys can help us is by please advertise, the more people no the more friends we can make on cp and here. This is also a great oppurtunity for you guys to advertise club penguin. Please post for any ideas. You guys were all a very great help! thanks for your support!



2 Responses to “It has come to a point…”

  1. Ashley DI said

    maybe to get ur views up, u could tell a couple of people to put http://funkytwins.wordpress in their URL thing in the comment info. thats wat my one friend did

    ~Ashley DI

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