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Mystery at the Mine

Posted by Funkytwins on January 22, 2010

Ok peoples, well this weird rockslide has been around for about a week:

A Rockslide 0_o


but now its gone from the mine thanks to all the penguins who helped dig it out. *clap* *clap*
However, a cave was discovered behind the rockslide! Look:

Oooooh Fancyyyy

Throw snowballs in the weird generator thing to keep the lights on, or else they will fade out and it will be all dark and scary!!! 😉


Free hard hat in the mine!

Wear only the hat and press "D" to start dancing, and you will start drilling with a jackhammer!

Wear only the hard hat, press "D" to start dancing, and you will start drilling with a jackhammer! 🙂


I think this is where the new Water Dojo will eventually be made.

As a penguin in the newspaper noted, you can see the ocean through the windows

in the pool room. Plus theres this funky waterfall:

Maybe we will have another Water Flood Festival thing?


Sorry no pictures for this, but there is a secret pin and secret rooms!

Pick up the mining Hat if you dont have it already and drill. After a moment you will pick up a quarter of the pin. Waddle around and drill some more, and you will find another quarter of the pin. Repeat until you have the whole pin — its a purple amethyst gem, really pretty. Then the rock (see above picutre of waterfall) will roll away and reveal a room:

Secret Lake

There is a members only suit for 50 coins and I think once you have the suit you can swim under the lake into another room and find a background there or something, im not sure bcuz Im not a member. Anyway…so thats all 🙂 

Comment what you think!



5 Responses to “Mystery at the Mine”

  1. JuJu said

    apparantly you can dig for treasure! i hadnt found that out! (thanks to firebirde1 cuz i was at your site and i saw it) I will post more later today!

    • JuJu said

      well it might have to wait until tomorrow cuz im busy today. perhaps madi or skwirt or ky or someone will? xD anyway it will definitely be up BEFORE sunday.

  2. slippey50833 said

    Wow! That probably is where they’ll build the water dojo, I never thought about that LOL! I can’t wait until the snow or water dojo comes out! 😀

  3. 2SWEET10 said

    Hey you have alot to SAY about Club Penguin and your page looks GREAT! I think you should join Kid Blogger Society!!! Im apart of it too we talk about our FAV worlds and have a big meeting in one anothers fav worlds!!! I think you would like it! and I get points when I invite people!!


    {no avertising!!!!} Thanks for the offer but….not interested. have fun

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