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Pin, Catalog Cheats, Rockhopper, Coins for Change

Posted by Funkytwins on December 5, 2009

Hey people, IF anyone comes on anymore,

theres several things to speak of,

which can be viewed in the title above.

As for the pin, it is in the Forest.

As for Coins for Change, its from December 11-20.

As for Rockhopper, he is on his way, arriving on the 11th, and

his ship is bearing our Christmas decorations for the party which starts

on either the 11 or the 13 I forget which 😛

Anyway, here are the catalog cheats:

MUH! Look I am editing now...just in time for the people to all leave >:-(

I mean seriously, who will come and enjoy this picture? Air? 😦

Ok welp now we have a very important problem to discuss.

Madi is right.


Nobody comes anymore! And I personally dont want to

obsess over being famous or anything, but what’s the point

of putting time and effort into this blog when nobody views it?

Ashley DI remains the only one to have commented in a long while besides scikid.

Im not planning on quitting, but really guys, plz comment and tell us if you’re still into funkytwins!

This site is just an echo of what it used to be 😦

We still post….in vain?

We research cheats…who views them?

We do our best…and are rewarded with advertisements and no comments!

Look, we dont want to you to camp out here.

We’re just wondering why it is that we used to have so many people

coming here and now there isnt anyone.

(I used to optimistic. But now I agree with Madi.)


Yours truly,


P.S. look, at the Dojo Courtyard you can watch the Card-Jitsu fire vid:

this is mah favorite movie ever! Hey, can I get some butter on this popcorn?


12 Responses to “Pin, Catalog Cheats, Rockhopper, Coins for Change”

  1. slippey50833 said

    Cool cheats.

  2. JuJu said

    Thanks, r u feeling better?

  3. JuJu said

    Haha, oh well 😛

  4. cpkid8888 said

    hey im back viewin ur site! srry about the past weeks i waz busy…….OK fine i was grounded

  5. scikid said


    Do You want your ad on my site? if so, cheeck out this page:



    reply back on my site!

  6. scikid said

    people only advertise to awesome sites… get it??? They want to get views from awesome sites. get it???

  7. scikid said

    you r also on my ultimate links!

  8. scikid said

    you r also on my ultimate links!

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